1. I just got some of their 🗑 ice water hash... worst 100$ I've ever spent. They obviously don't know how to make ice water hash

  2. I didn’t even know they made hash lol but if it’s anything like their bud I’m guessing it’s trash lol

  3. Yeah omg it was awful 😖.. I have a puffco peak pro and a Proxy and all I ever smoke is hash... the dude at the dispo even told me it was a 6 star full melt.... misinformed employees and staff for sure. They wouldn't know full melt hash cause they can't afford it 🤣 or they'd be charging 140$ per .85

  4. I can gift you some fire tabs at the show. I'll be there June 13th and 14th

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 reminds me of last year at the billy strings show in Cleveland. Me and like 10 other people giggling before the show when it was only us at the venue in this huge music hall with tons of echoooo we all kept giggling back n forth

  6. My buddy took my to my first show in Columbus at Legend valley and I was soo elated I was crying and dancing through the whole show. Since then he's been like medicine for my soul! And I just can't help but dance when I hear him play! I also love tripping face 🫠

  7. okok!!!!!!!!!! I got a dehydrator, the only reason I whacked these in the oven is because I had a bunch on hand that I didn't wanna leave out air drying - also the pic was kinda funny

  8. It's just way more efficient and you don't have to heat the house while your at it ya know. Allot of smaller dehydrators are very affordable now. And I've even found very nice ones at garage sales or flea markets

  9. the oven thing wasn't really working out just because of how much I have on my hands now (plus everyone ripping me in the comments 😭) - ended up getting a Rommelsbacher Dorrautomat DA 750 from a very sweet old lady on FB marketplace for basically nothing

  10. I mean it's definitely been done before.. I was once ill informed about mycology. That's why I asked a ton of questions and had posts similar at one point. As an amateur mycologist I find it's part of my duty to share what my mentors have taught me over the years. And if you have excess you can always store then in the refrigerator until your ready for future reference

  11. It’s usually your blocks and rate of spawn to sun that determine that. Aside from certain strains, mostly gourmet. I’m growing apes right now and I haven’t seen the caps get that pointy. They look really cool. Like little wizard hats.

  12. 🤣 they do! They're so cool! This is my first time working with them and I've got a really decent 2 flushes already. I'm probably going to soak my cake and go for a 3rd assuming everything goes to plan anyway.

  13. Those done exactly look like something I'd be interested in trying. I'll pass

  14. I heard when they are marshmellow-like soft is when they are ready

  15. Black market for the win! Get with your local dealer and scrap these prices. Shit you get 28g for 200

  16. Got a Klutch Icecream cake 3.2g live badder for 160$... Definitely a score

  17. 🤣🤣 I filed in February and still haven't seen any movement.. I wouldn't trust them.

  18. How does the hot knife work ? Like is it worth it or should I use the money to get a proxy? And 3.36 of the hash rosin ?

  19. Its amazing. and it doesn't leave my dab tools sticky n messy. It's definitely worth it to me, but so is the proxy. I love them both I carry my proxy with me in my bag and keep my puffco at home

  20. Dangggggg I filed mine in February so hopefully I see mine soon. I just figured I'd be getting both returns the same time next year 🤣

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