1. More people should talk about how there’s no sex or affection in your marriage?

  2. Part of being a professional basketball player is cultural capital. Victor has military capital. Those are two different currencies, but just like with real currencies, you can convert between them. Just because one of them is a military prisoner and the other is a cultural prisoner, it doesn’t make it an incompatible swap.

  3. Piano Piano recently got some public health warnings from the Ontario govt (Dinesafe) unsanitary stuff happening in the kitchen. Google “Piano Piano Public Health Warning” and you’ll find the list of all the health and sanitation infractions .

  4. Under stress my CPU is at 84° C. Its 4° C ambient temperature here.

  5. Did you buy the computer or build it yourself? Did the problem just begin recently, or has it always been this way?

  6. Soft skills can be thought of like the coding language that humans use. The better your soft skills, the more you can potentially benefit from your interactions with other humans. In many cases, things that directly impact you are completely in the control of others. Using soft skills can influence people to provide better outcomes for you and for them.

  7. I think you’re right. But it’s not your wife that killed it. You did.

  8. I mean, I hear ya, but you’re about to be facing off with Rammatras, and the idea that I can’t play as him for like a month? Yeah…I’m probably gonna pay the 10 bucks.

  9. I find Toronto such a hostile place. I think everyone is just trying to survive this expensive city, so when meeting a stranger, it seems like the default reaction is “this stranger is only going to bring me problems” so everyone is so cold and disconnected from each other.

  10. It's called marketing. I've been playing a couple matches and everyone and their mother has paid for Rammatra, so what they do is clearly working.

  11. It’s more like “it’s called capitalism” - why give free when you can sell it piece by piece instead

  12. Yes of course they work for you all year. Mine works very hard and is always so friendly and nice

  13. Mine is nice too. But I didn’t realize it was a position that was poorly paid and requires tipping. Do they, like restaurant workers, get paid nearly minimum wage?

  14. bruh, its just something small that is meant to show appreciation. It has nothing to do with their compensation. Unless you think a $20 tims card is "compensation"

  15. No, I’m just unfamiliar with the social norms around giving gifts. When a person does their job, sometimes we tip or give gifts and sometimes we don’t. This is the first time in my life I’ve had a building with a concierge, and I hadn’t heard that you’re supposed to get this person gifts.

  16. I’ve seen lots of clothes that advertise that they do this. But how? Do the beads of sweat move from your leg, to the outside of the tights? Where does the sweat go from there? Does it soak into the clothes again? Drop down? Ive always been curious.

  17. She locked me outside. You gonna tell me that's not a big deal ?

  18. Yes. I am going to tell you that your wife accidentally locking you outside is, in fact, not a big deal.

  19. Get locked outside and come back and tell me it's not a big deal. SMH.

  20. It’s a normal part of living with people. Spouses, friends, family, roommates. Sometimes when people live with other people, they get locked out. Welcome to life. Has happened to me and others countless times. No need to blow up at your wife.

  21. Would you show up to a protest to - that’s where I stopped reading and pressed “no”

  22. I don’t know if you’re open to learning about it, but you don’t really buy an NFT just for a jpeg.

  23. The problem for NFTs is that so many people see it just as that and nothing more. That has to change for NFTs to really have lasting appeal.

  24. Yes. I think because it’s rooted in tech and finance, it borrows vocabulary from those worlds. Even the name, Non-fungible token, isn’t exactly in the lexicon of non-computer/finance people. It’s weird and alienating, doesn’t exactly make itself appealing or accessible.

  25. I know. That’s why I’m asking Reddit. If I knew, then why would I ask?

  26. Not a programmer myself either, but I've seen enough people doing it to know it ain't easy

  27. Just because we don’t know, it doesn’t mean it’s hard. Or easy. Just a couple of folks who know nothing about programming. Maybe someone will reply who is a coder lol.

  28. The biggest thing for me is that it doesn’t FEEL like something Cassidy would use. His aesthetic is cowboy, and the grenade feels like it belongs to someone else. His kit is kinda analog. Mechanical parts, simple mechanisms, etc. a Flashbang seems more suited to how the character should feel imo.

  29. I always thought a flashbang wasn’t very cowboy-ish either. Personally I think it would be cool if he had a whip (sorta indiana jones vibe) and he could crack the whip to stun and do damage. So basically it would be the same in game as a flash bang but more on theme with a wild west character

  30. I hear ya. A whip definitely is more cowboy. Others have suggested a lasso or even a smoke bomb. Which do suit him too I think.

  31. Do some research on the neighborhood u will be moving to. You dnt want to move to a rough neighborhood just for cheap rent.

  32. This might be a dumb question, but how do people actually research neighbourhoods these days? Do you just go to Google and be like “Is (neighbourhood) in (City) sketchy?” (Or some variation of that) or are there known good sources of where folks can find up to date info on these places? Sometimes neighbourhoods change too. A sketchy neighbourhood gets revitalized or another neighbourhood falls into squalor.

  33. You said you’ve only seriously talked about this for a few months. This is going to be one of the biggest purchases of his life, give him more than just a few months to do this lol.

  34. If you have any tips on how to get even 1 recruiter to message me, that would be super lol. Can’t imagine having 5.

  35. Ya-6 months later of therapy has gotten us nowhere. I'm not in the hole, my husband is.

  36. These are the words of someone who is in a hole and doesn’t realize it.

  37. I think that in general, “addiction” indicates that a person who wishes to stop a certain thing either cannot stop or can only stop with great difficulty, and that the thing in question negatively impacts other aspects of their lives to the point that it’s a problem.

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