1. Top surgery is the gender neutral term. Trans masc term is mastectomy or breast reduction/removal. Trans fem term is breast augmentation/implants.

  2. It really depends on the site/space. Reddit has more AMABs in general, thus leading to more trans fems, while Tumblr has more AFABs and trans mascs.

  3. Please don't reduce trans people to their AGAB. Population of the FTM and MTF subs are roughly equal, so you aren't even correct in saying there are more trans women on Reddit.

  4. When people say that kinda AGAB stuff it just sounds like they’re saying “were you assigned Reddit at birth or tumblr at birth?” and it amuses me (then irritates me).

  5. Didn't you know? Your social media preferences are coded into your biology. /s as I've learned there is nothing you can say that is absurd enough where people will not think you are serious.

  6. With that in mind, make sure any identifying information about you is not linked to your reddit account.

  7. Now if you want. Hormones, clothes, body parts, etc. don't make you are girl, you are a girl simply because that's who you are.

  8. Yes because nothing says cure quite like psychologically torturing a teen into accepting to be a malleable toy rather than their own person.

  9. And I hope that "reality check" comes in the form of a heavy object.

  10. "If we torture them long enough, eventually they will give up on transitioning (and on life)." Actually, no, that checks out. They are trying to kill us all after all.

  11. I have a counter statistic that says 100% of people are trans and transitioning is the best thing for them. Both my statistic and theirs likely has the same number of sources.

  12. Neither. My interests aren't socially defined as normative, so they haven't been labeled as "masculine" or "feminine".

  13. For me its real subtle unless I hit em against something. Then it's less subtle! I assume for others the "intensity" can vary, but so far its barely an inconvenience. My issue is finding the proper time to scratch or rub without peeps noticing.

  14. They were definitely itchy and sore during that time frame. In fact, that's when it was the worst. If yours are growing despite those feelings, consider yourself lucky.

  15. Because a lot of "allies" carry some cisnormative biases, and some trans people have unresolved internalized transphobia. We aren't at a point yet where the majority of people truly understand trans people.

  16. A light slur, sort of like the 2 other older terms used to refer to black people, but not the n-word one. Basically it's a dated term with some negative connotations surrounding it, so its best not to use it, especially if you are cis.

  17. Its estrogen that fuses bone plates to stop growth. If that is delayed, I'm not sure puberty blockers alone will stall height growth.

  18. No. I hate when people talk about transitioning as a choice. That might be true for them, but it certainly isn't true for everyone, me included. My "choice" was transition or die, so no, I really didn't have another option. For me, it's about as much of a choice as waking up and "choosing" not to walk into traffic.

  19. Should be placed automatically. Fat redistribution takes a while though, 2 to 5 years. Belly fat should start shifting lower too, away from waist and more towards hips.

  20. Your circumstances are different from mine so I can't say what you should do. What I did when I thought my parents would be unsupportive (they are 100% supportive of me being trans, but at the time I still thought this was a fetish and was terrified of them finding out) was become self sufficient and moved into my own place. That way it didn't really matter what they thought of me as I wasn't financially reliant on them anymore.

  21. Tucking doesn't just hide a bulge, it also makes certain clothes more comfortable to wear. I already don't care if I show a little bit of a bulge, as long as it's not too prominent, in which case it's about as trashy as showing a cameltoe.

  22. I am not here for this. We do not need to recreate 1990s gay politics for trans people in 2023.

  23. As a trans person who is certainly not an anarchist, and also generally conforms to what society has deemed as "normal", I completely agree with this. Trying to gain acceptance by pandering to those who oppress you never works. All it does is push the issue down the line and only develops temporary feelings of tolerance, not true acceptance. People need to learn that people are different, and that it is ok. We don't all need to like the same things, act the same way, have the same values. If people can accept and respect each other and our differences, a lot of issues will go away.

  24. It's not the estrogen itself, but rather absorbing it through the stomach. Any other method of intake doesn't impact liver. Even taken orally, it isn't very harmful. Also, 2 glasses a month? Thats nothing. Even 2 glasses a day probably would be fine, though thats pushing it a little.

  25. Height isn't garenteed to change with pelvic tilt. At that time frame, it probably happened already and you just haven't realized it.

  26. I'm not really sure about if pelvic tilt already happened, the only thing I know is, that I have slight back pain in the hip area (which could also have another reason, since I wear a really heavy Backpack almost daily)

  27. Lower back pain is a sign that pelvic tilt occurred. Your body has adjusted your resting posture so maintaining your former posture puts strain on your back. You might not see the tilt because you are still using your old posture. Try to adjust it until it feels comfortable for you.

  28. My rationale is this: I am not going to the men's room wearing a dress. If I'm presenting as a woman, at worst both restrooms would be equally awkward, but in most cases it would be less so using the women's room. So why would I choose to use an equally bad room that also misgenders me?

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