1. Just drink a glass of freezing cold water before eating it and any torture possible will be nothing in comparison

  2. Imagine if this mofo just showed up during the final chase scene of part 6 like hey remember me? No because I’m from a different part

  3. Imagine part 6 ends with Pucci accidentally straying too close to b.i.g and fucking dying

  4. Ngl my loadout for the citadels has like 6-7 Ubers/legends in it.

  5. it is lucky that there is an MK that removes the cooldown from the elite deffender, but there is sadly none of that for the Bomb Blitz

  6. Beast is a faux-lanthropist. He only wants to help people insofar as it brings him attention and profits. I didnt realize people are trying to cancel him... that seems kind of harsh to me, but people really should stop idolizing him. He's no savior, just an opportunist.

  7. I'm pretty sure he donates practically all his profits he gets back into his videos or to helping the less fortunate

  8. They should make it an entire new hero that would be cool

  9. Hiya! I'm the new main lorewriter since the exodus, Cei.

  10. No I still indefinitely hate furries, but I also hate people who bandwagon

  11. If I remember correctly, killing aquatic scourge changes acid rain and makes it harder

  12. 80% of the time when I went into the back of the store it was just because I didn't know what or where the thing they were asking for was and I was trying to find someone who did

  13. Do people not just grab them and throw them out? How else would you clean the sink after? Am I just weird?

  14. He's got a massive healthpool, especially against his targeted traits and pretty good dps, but his recharge and speed are pretty crappy and he's the second most expensive cat in the game. He's not necessarily bad, it's just most of the legend rares are better than him at their jobs

  15. I don't think you can really answer this as the battle cats scaling is messed up, since the "gods" there lose to a monke and a duck. Meaning either the gods are useless, or the monke is op

  16. Its funny how the same monke gets ass clapped by a sea mermaid named Ruri.

  17. I would rather die than fight that, considering that if it worked like the normal puffington, it would one tap essentially everything, along with having enough pierce to hit most units excluding super backliners, and it's revive would just screw you over if you don't z kill it

  18. That would be horrible since behemoth slayer wouldn't be able to do much

  19. There's a spider on the ceiling and I'm naming him Dave, Spider Dave, you better behave

  20. He’s a wholesome, supportive guy as far as I know. He’s probably proud of his brother (:

  21. Mark spent 3 days playing a gay furry dating sim, so I bet he probably doesn't have anything against furries

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