1. not to be that guy but maned wolves aren't even actual wolves, they're just sorta their own thing

  2. i am 100% aware of that though tasmanian tigers are not actual wolves either yet some garou adapted to breed with them (meaning that its entirely possible for a handful of garou to adapt to mate with maned wolves)

  3. Foxes, wolves, and loboguarás are all canines.

  4. yeah but the maned wolf is not connected to any of them so its a canine that kinda has its own

  5. Don't worry, just give him some eggplants and tomatoes and he'll probably just eat those instead.

  6. yes pure protection though they still fuck you up if you steal their fruit

  7. "Yeah he aparently is a stoner because he likes the smell reminds them of mating season"

  8. “Meat Pokémon” excuse me hwhat?

  9. i mean they are not entirely wrong since these are normal life forms aparently and the crawl makes for insane fertilizer and the crawl produces many other species from its roots like

  10. Just a warning it's absolutely shite. Don't bother watching it. It's like the lowest effort 4Chan creepy pasta video but somehow even less creepy.

  11. i mean you dont have to like it but others can enjoy it just fine so im glad your giving them the link to still give their own opinion on it

  12. they've been renamed to north wind aka they are alot more abstract

  13. don't they already exist in C20 as the lurks?

  14. thats bigfoot not wendigo theres a very obvious difference

  15. bat-mite comes in and out of DC it seems based on my investigation

  16. yeah probably though based on his appearance in a avengers show (one kinda specifically made to bring characters that people know or ones they want to bring to the MCU) they may bring him to it

  17. I can imagine a goofy animated show about Impossible Man going on wacky adventures; like Rabbids Invasion

  18. and maybe have the show be in the MCU since i feel like that would kinda fit this type of character just causing chaos to these peoples lives and heck maybe have its story be inspired by his first appearance where he went to earth for a vacation spot where they can cause chaos

  19. I'm not a fan of this generally -- just feels too "D&D" to me to just mix everything together.

  20. idk im just thinking of that tiktok video talking about the cooperation between them in chronicles of darkness if that was a accident or actually intended

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