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Qatar Bans Beer Sales at World Cup Stadiums

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  1. It will be the same as with Smoker. Pre-ts Smoker wiped the floor with Luffy in Loguetown AND Alabasta, but when they met again on Punk Hazard it was completely different. People were way more toxic when gear 5 dropped

  2. Jesus, took them long enough to figure that out. Even Trump told everyone exactly this

  3. They spent 12:30 minutes on only 3 pages 😭😭 we get it people like Robin but tf

  4. They're about to spend most of next episode animating one single panel though

  5. Invader Zim. A brilliant but incompetent alien tries to take over the earth

  6. Is Skeleton Knight another one of those “I need to be the hero and also I need a harem” isekai or is it good?

  7. Arc's mouth actually moves when he talks, unlike Ainz. It was alright

  8. Orochi will probably treat you better if you save his life. CDs won't even acknowledge you saved them and Kanjuro WANTS to die

  9. Police aren’t obligated to protect and no one is coming to the rescue. Armed gays are harder to bash. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

  10. "In a life or death situation, the police are only minutes away"

  11. Winged Hive Tyrant, Hive Tyrant, and Swarmlord are all the same kit.

  12. Peter Grill, for how dumb and over the top it is, is a show about a dude trying to live a happy life with his girlfriend but constantly keeps getting raped. I gave it a shot based on the ridiculous premise but him being blackmailed and forced to have sex with some elf was just too far, and since it seemed like the show considered it funny I could only see it getting way worse.

  13. Yeah, blood-c was brutal for no really good reason. That whole sequence as well as the classroom scene really stick with you...

  14. Qatar announces that Football is no longer permitted at the World Cup. FIFA reluctantly agrees with them.

  15. Fox chose this individual specifically for these qualities. They would never have allowed a positive representation of a labor rights movement on their channel.

  16. I thought they (antiwork mod team) came out saying they selected that mod to represent them as they were the best representative they had for the interview. As far as I've heard, Fox didn't request anyone specific and reached out to the mod team as a whole. They probably expected a shitshow but never expected a shit typhoon

  17. I thought screamer killers were a neat unit. Looked cool, color options are great, and they're a simple unit.

  18. Dude should leverage this twitter chain into a senior position at twitter

  19. Sounds like you can have 50 carnifexes. Why would you need anything else?

  20. Last one I saw advertised the ability to flush an entire bucket of golf balls

  21. I'd really prefer it if we criticized politicians for their politics and didn't fall back on cheap sexism.

  22. Exactly. This is an extremely gross thing to say that wouldn't be said about any man in government.

  23. The hive fleets are eating up the great rift, so they can't be that bad

  24. Not against it myself but I can see people not supporting it due to the excessive cost compared to bringing a lunch. Any subsidy program (however large, however small) ends up costing significantly more than promised and advertised. Average cost to taxpayers is $3 per lunch while a from-home lunch could be $1.

  25. Well, the US would love to help, but Americans are still struggling to pay the high gas prices, since Saudi Arabia voted to decrease oil production.

  26. Would be nice if the US could increase our own oil production to compensate, but all permitting for new oil wells were canceled in 2021

  27. Due to fracking the US is the largest oil exporter. Oil companies are reporting double-record profits over last year's double-record profits -and we're still sucking the Saudis butts? If we kept our oil instead of sending it to China, we could tell the Saudi Prince to go suck a rock.

  28. We only import Saudi oil to maintain a negotiating seat with OPEC. We don't need their oil

  29. Friendship ended with China. Now Iran is my new best friend

  30. Calling this a failed attempted assassination might be a bit much, but this whole situation is also suuuuuuuper weird. So much of this story is bizarre, and especially with this being 2 weeks before a very pivotal election, it's likely this isn't on the level...

  31. She beat Kalifa of CP9 by herself, who was nearly as strong as Blueno, who luffy defeated after he unlocked his gears. And that was PRE-timeskip. She now has significantly more powerful weaponry and weather abilities as well as Zeus. She could solo the entire East Blue and there's a case for her being able to beat Crocodile (similar to how she was able to completely nullify Cracker's fruit)

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