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  1. Ich verstehe, was du meinst. Es gibt einfach Leute die nur englischen Rap (zB UK Drill) hören und sagen, dass Deutschrap schlecht ist (und dich sogar auslachen, wenn du sagst, dass du Deutschrap hörst).

  2. My parents named me B. Yes, just the letter, and it's my entire first name. Where does that put them on the curve?

  3. EA was voted worst company? Like worse then Nestle, Haliburton or Monsanto?

  4. Maybe as a „gaming company“ or it’s just completely made up for this meme.

  5. So most people in Spain would say: I live in Spain but without the $.

  6. People take videos of themselves laughing, and then spend time editing themselves laughing. So entertaining

  7. After they’ve stolen a joke and it’s clearly not staged.

  8. This was funny enough as a screenshot, and does not need to be a video.

  9. I already knew this joke because someone just made a screenshot but these influencer comedians naturally have to show of how uncreative they are.

  10. Surprised that the Algerians won the match in Switzerland.

  11. But Switzerland is Albania. Look at the national football team, Switzerland is just the first team from Albania. /s

  12. That time he won’t give any points for Gryffindor.

  13. Hatt er nicht immer gesagt er kann nur mit dem Schiff nach Amerika kann weil er ne Flugangst hat ?

  14. Ja, deshalb bin ich verwirrt, aber vielleicht hat er seine Angst für seinen guten Freund Bushido überwunden.

  15. So in some way... they walked away!

  16. I think the colors in the image posted are changed to match the OP’s actual family.

  17. This is too open for interpretation. I’ll be back to sort by controversial tomorrow.

  18. How can I sort comments now on Reddit? Since this week Reddit worsened not only the video player for the millionth time but also the option to sort comments disappeared. I’m on my iPhone wondering if it is really gone or if I’m just blind. Can you still sort comments?

  19. Das ist Free Spirit, nix mit bosshaftes Image Nix überzeichnete Kunst wie gecrosste Graffitis

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