1. Then they'll go somewhere else when the item is 2x as expensive

  2. Germans of reddit, how do you guys feel about the Berlin wall being built?

  3. As a fellow DW fan, seeing the late Wilfred again is heartbreaking 💔

  4. It’s better than a lot of countries so good is all I have to say

  5. I’ve been closeted on this subject for many years. I’ve never actually tried anything in real life but being able to find comfort in a loving caregiver is one of the few things that makes me happy

  6. theres the comment iv'e been looking for!

  7. Think if want to make an scientific point at anti vaxxers you should show them how many died last year before covid and after covid in age group 25-50 years old. Because they will always bring up that argument otherwise

  8. They also like to claim "Underlying Issues & Died with COVID/Died Cause of Covid"

  9. We’re having Santa Ana winds today so the tumbleweeds are a tumblin’.

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