1. True but I also find that a week after the movie has released, the ratings only fluctuate by 0.1 (almost always down) and VERY rarely by 0.2, so it’s most likely this film is going to bottom out at a 3.5, which imo is still way to high of a rating

  2. You shouldn’t have been watching as a kid lol 😆 how old were you? I was like 12 when I started getting into it

  3. Well- Watching South Park was kind of tabu when i was a kid- so i took every chance to even watch a bit when my parents havent been paying attention. I was about.. what.. 8 or 9? I didnt even understood what was happening. I just felt really worried about Indy :/

  4. ‘Spielberg and Lucas, they were... raping a Stormtrooper when the police broke in’

  5. Literally every Ryan Gosling movie come on man!

  6. There are other songs on MBDTF that are even better like Gorgeous, Blame Game, and All of the Lights

  7. People just mostly think of him as the gangster movie guy, even though he has some really out there films

  8. I just finished all of his films recently. Which ones do you think are ‘really out there’ ?

  9. i choose for people on this subreddit to stop upvoting karmawhores

  10. How can one be a karmawhore when karma doesn’t do anything or mean anything?

  11. that’s for you to answer. there’s fifty of these threads a month. why did you choose to post another one of these dumbass threads to clutter everyone’s feed?

  12. Bruce is fucked, since the only sonic device he has is the Sonic Shock Batarang. Which he doesn't have during Knight.

  13. Bruce can take out the entire Justice League. Pretty sure he could figure out a way to defeat Spider-Man, Symbiote or not

  14. Nice. I just recently finished watching all of Scorsese’s feature films

  15. I know people hate Phantom Menace, but I was in 6th grade when it came out and my siblings and I LOVED it. I still do. I have a theory that if you were young enough when it came out, it has a really warm place in your heart. I obsessed over Darth Maul.

  16. One of my earliest memories is seeing Attack of the Clones in theater when I was 4

  17. Pure Souls gotta be in there somewhere. The Ratatouille reference (Every day I put my life on the line to feed the whole clan) is way too good to pass up.

  18. In my head, I count Superman, JL, JLU, and Beyond in addition to BtaS. The OG DC universe. Static Shock is in a gray space where I could include it

  19. Love that song but like these 10 more. 24 would be like top 15 though

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