1. Wow beautiful, which safe is that ? Size wise also ... looks.great

  2. That's a Liberty Franklin 50. Safe is about 6ft tall and about 3 1/2 to 4 ft deep.im guessing here, you can check the website for specific dimensions

  3. Wow amazing man congrats and wish I had the room to.put it my closet ... can only get 22in deep and still be able to close it ... so about 60in H x 35 L x 22 D is what I have to work with .. been looking everywhere toss up from tractor supply Winchester 26 or 36 gun safe not sure which is better or Costco has the big horn with free shipping.... don't know what to go... not sure if I'm ok not having a backup key in case the lock goes to shit... my cowork said to look at Rural king has a cannon 42 safe.under 900...

  4. Man, that's a rough deal. A 42 for sub 900 isn't a bad deal at all. I paid through the nose for mine. Is there another place you can put it?

  5. Did anyone else sing the title while wanting to provided pets, books, and lovins?

  6. When you Amazon prime with next day delivery for your war with Russia.

  7. Was this the same guy who there was footage of? I seem to remember seeing either here or on

  8. That's 7.62x51. What happened here was a Russian forgot to bring their AK inside for the winter and it got shrinkage.

  9. Did you beat their ass? Cause if you didn't you clearly wasted an opportunity to clean up the gene pool.

  10. Some of my military time was at sea, I’m surprised the success rate is that high. I don’t think people realize how extremely difficult it is to save someone who goes overboard.

  11. People don't realized that a lot of times someone goes over its because they are hurt or get hurt while going over. Hitting your head over the deckedge must knock the breath outta you, rolling into the water and immediately breathing it in.... I've always figured that most the guys in the Navy that go over drown almost immediately or are sucked up into the props. A DDG booking must generate a lot of suction.

  12. Sorry OP, this IS the answer. It's absolute garbage quality control. They jacked the coating up. Sell the Tarus BEFORE the outside rusts, and buy a decent weapon system.

  13. In the name of the Father, the Son, and Simon, fuck your tank son.

  14. He would come home with you in a heartbeat and you’ll’ve gained a bff in two seconds lol. Zero stranger danger lol

  15. Mine is the same way. Barks at the door, but is best friends with whoever walks through. Goldens are not good guard dogs lmfao

  16. Lol nooooo they are not. And I’m learning all the golden behaviours now lol. He’s my first golden and turns out all his dumb attributes, are golden things 😂 I chose golden cause I’m like “ok cool, smart easy going dog, easy to train, people loving, cool.”….. I call Alphonse book smart, but he’s otherwise dumb as a sack of bricks and so derpy; always a good day with him and just loving life. Just so much goofy love from him.

  17. SAME! This dog has the biggest heart. I got him because I had a friend who spammed me with Golden pics daily, ended up falling for em hard. My boi is VERY intuitive of my wife's feelings and when she's feeling depressed he won't leave her side. I won't ever have anything other than Goldens now.

  18. Oh look, its one of Biden's Humvees. (Yes, I posted this same comment to the same video earlier.)

  19. You were a soldier, if you don’t mind me asking what branch and where were you stationed

  20. I am a Sailor in the Navy, and I've been stationed mainly on the East and West coasts.

  21. Thank you. I love what I do. I've gotten to see a lot and do a lot more.

  22. Because he signed for them when he took over. You got a problem with it, tough shit.

  23. Do I have a problem with it? No, politicians are all the same.

  24. I'm not sure where you're going with this buddy.

  25. Same man. Mine sticks out the bottom of my pants too

  26. No that is not zeroed. Kids in the military learn to zero rifles with just slings.

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