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  1. I have never been convinced by the technical arguments surrounding VIX levels or percentage declines indicating a bottom or capitulation in markets. Why?

  2. The problem with the VIX is that it dates from 1990 --we do not have data on it from earlier decades.

  3. I guess that’s why I’m misunderstanding. VIX didn’t peak with the ending of the bear market in 2008. It peaked 4 months prior. But it is certainly correlated to downward movements, particularly of SPX since that’s exactly what it’s indexed on.

  4. I feel like you've not been listening to Mr. Powell these past few months. It's why the market has dropped so much the past couple of weeks. He has been saying time and time again that the rates will go up until inflation is at 2% and once it's there, rates will stay up. The Era of cheap money is over.

  5. Just like in 2008, people aren’t listening to what the fed is saying so the fed is going to talk louder. Until people start to listen the fed will continue raising rates.

  6. I am sorry if the name threw you off. Usage of names differ in different countries. All I am saying is, DCA people usually think timing is impossible. That is not necessarily so. A simple normal distribution would suggest otherwise. Some people are more clever than others. Even if they are a minority.

  7. What they aren’t getting is professionals time the market every single day. The comment about impossible to time the market is (usually) talking about retail. Not because it is impossible but because you have to be savvy and actually understand market movements.

  8. Guess you missed the part where you clearly explain your market conditions that cause you to get back into the market. What you did is basically say “Obviously I’m going to buy back in when the time is right.”

  9. I understand your point just not why you’re making it. I clearly stated nobody has certainty and it’s still speculation. I could clearly state what improved conditions mean to me (and most professionals) but when people like you already think it’s impossible what’s the point?

  10. I’ve got some lotto tickets for 10/10 spy 300p and my main position is spy 11/4 350p. I’m holding both for the meltdown and will roll out until it happens if needed.

  11. So I've got a shed that has the room for a two plant hydroponic setup that would let me isolate from male plants, and I'm kinda curious on the grow process for the lulz.

  12. Not to be an ass but how many customers do you think you’ll be able to support with two plants? That kind of capacity is almost certainly limited to personal consumption.

  13. The production on a personal scale may be thought of as a proof of concept for the whole process.

  14. I got you. Here in Michigan boutique processing has become a nice little niche in the market. Best of luck!

  15. POV: you sold your puts yesterday and today is the big one

  16. Monday starts the big one after dehedhing from quarterly options expiry.

  17. Where did I ever say that we were told that it stopped transmission? How have you not figured that out yet? I never even insinuated that it did. You misconstrued my comment via the context of the last part of a paragraph and assumed that’s what I meant. How the fuck are you a chemist?

  18. That was the only scientific mention in the comment you replied to…

  19. “Look up the things that were once called misinformation for covid and realize they keep moving the information goalposts…”

  20. No…that’s a generalized statement. And you’re talking about comprehension? I specifically said the messaging DID change. And the science DIDN’T.

  21. Anyone else on TD get a Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options letter?

  22. Yes. And the app hid the options chains from me until I logged in in a browser and closed the pop up.

  23. Rents falling “0.1%” isn’t really falling. It’s a rounding error. More likely a function of how we aggregate rent growth into a statistic rather than actual meaningful price reductions in the cost of living.

  24. This is my thought through the whole thread. People complaining about how/when the fed calculates rent prices are completely ignoring that a 0.1% decline after a +100% increase is a plateau, not a decline.

  25. Which is quite big, no? It indicates that the second derivative is likely negative at this point and the first derivative is around 0 and likely to decrease.

  26. Yes but wouldn’t the concern be stickiness? Otherwise what’s the point of even calling out high rent costs if they are here to stay?

  27. Am I the only thinking that tomorrow will be a green day and Wednesday red again ...

  28. I mean, given the current climate of anti-intellectualism and the attempts to prevent kids from getting their hands on certain books, pardon me if I remain suspicious of the local districts denial.

  29. I had the same thoughts when To Kill a Mockingbird was banned. Not by conservatives. Didn’t hear very many people crying anti-intellectualism then.

  30. So first off, I never said conservatives or liberals in my post, so I’m not sure why you’re making that the centerpiece of your response to me. As far as news story illuminate the issue, people of all stripes left and right have tried to ban that book at times.

  31. It wasn’t directed at you, it was to further the discussion. I try to treat people with more respect than that.

  32. I am curious how lending money and charging interest can result in you losing money. What the CBO calculated is that the government would have made $400 billion more by not forgiven loans. Which is not the same as losing $400 billion.

  33. When I’m making my departmental budget five years out it is. Even month to month budgeting I would surely view that as as a loss.

  34. Lol if Xi isn't president that is bullish af. What a dumbass

  35. That’s bearish by default because it presents uncertainty

  36. yes, it's a serious question. if there were zero regulations, things wouldn't magically be cheaper, after all.

  37. It’s all FDA regulations for formula. In order to import European produced formula the producers have to subscribe to FDA regulations in addition to the European regulatory bodies. Because of this companies would have to have two compliance programs which obviously increases regulatory burden even more.

  38. thanks for answering in good faith, I’m trying to really understand why things get fucked and what measured steps will improve peoples lives

  39. I’m not arguing that regulations are objectively bad. You’re right, there’s reasons for them. In most cases really good reasons. But they can also have negative side effects, consolidation of industries being at the top of the list.

  40. This is literally what psyops is meant to do and you’re getting downvotes. It’s literally what our own psyops have done for decades.

  41. Yeah, most people don’t want to hear the truth. How ironic considering this post is about psyop lol..

  42. I understand what you’re saying regarding Trump and to me both are plausible. I tend to think the psyop got out of control because they’ve been trying to put that genie back in the bottle since November 9, 2016.

  43. Lol, bunch of idiots trying to get rich quick now giving up on the market instead of just going long and actually having money in 30 years. Big regrets.

  44. Isn’t it sad? People have more knowledge at their fingertips than the collective history of civilization. And they use it for echo chambers and willful ignorance.

  45. What expiry? I’m holding the same strike 10/23. My entry is a bit ugly but I don’t see how it doesn’t print.

  46. Guess I’m the only one looking forward to Moonscars. It looks fantastic.

  47. My son loves SR. He'll be bummed that it's leaving GP on 9/30 but I'll make sure to grab SR2 so he can continue his Slime Ranching.

  48. I swear they came out just a couple days ago and said they changed their mind and SR is no longer leaving GP. Let me see if I can find the article.

  49. At the time of the insurrection trump was literally president he absolutely had authority over the government.

  50. An insurrection is not only a violent uprising. That’s why it isn’t called a violent uprising. You honestly shouldn’t even keep going if you don’t know that. You’ve already been mislead at that point.

  51. And it's still a bad take. The first comment was in regards to how Trump used the constitution to wipe his ass on the way out of the Whitehouse and how that should disqualify him from ever holding office and my comment was in regards to the fact that he hasn't been disqualified because all of his cronies have bent every law and moral code they could to ensure he doesn't pay for his crimes.

  52. lol, so you do support extrajudicial prosecution.

  53. lol ok bud. It isn’t harassment to report misinformation. The mods removed the misinformation so we’re good here. They removed mine as well even though it doesn’t fit their own criteria or Reddit’s criteria for harassment.

  54. School libraries are in most circumstances public institutions, which means that would be infringing on free speech but whatever.

  55. lol you have that backwards. Public institutions are explicitly beholden to limitations, not entitled to protection from them. The citizens are entitled to those protections.

  56. And what if it's goes to $72 😏

  57. Also, it's probably super energy inefficient.....we're trying to cut down on our energy uses in so many ways so why would we go from everyone traveling by land to air.

  58. By air you massively reduce travel time and thus save energy.

  59. Who’s more likely to protect taxpayers interests? The company they’re paying to do so or the entity they’re attempting to protect their interests from?

  60. I feel like I am missing the part where tesla makes the claim it was 26K. the article only says He says it will cost that much....also the door locks are powered by a 12 volt battery....like every other car on earth has.

  61. Both batteries are dead. The 12v keeps him out of the car, the main keeps him from using the car and is where the $26k comes from. I would imagine it includes labor.

  62. I don’t know much about Tesla’s but essentially the battery would be equivalent to a new (albeit higher) priced transmission right?

  63. What transmission are you buying for $10-15k? That’s about the cost of a new Ferrari transmission but in typical cars you’re looking at about $4-8k installed.

  64. So weird. I read about jugging for the first time the other day. Not what it is. That there is a term for what it is and it’s jugging

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