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  1. Watching GW currently and wanted to pause JoJo for a while, but on second thought...

  2. Ist nur fair, bei Polizeieinsätzen bei/nach Fußballspielen zahlt ja auch der Veranstalter. /s

  3. Yeah if you turn your brain off it's quite enjoyable. Helps to be drunk and/or high.

  4. I am sorry to say this but you have the wrong attitude for a teacher. Try to be more empathetic towards your students.

  5. When you say " ramanujan realizes adding all natural numbers is -1/12" you make it sound like math is already there and we are investigating to find it .

  6. Makes sense to me, only the best firebenders would be able to defeat dragons and were likely to be able to bend lightning. I'll take it as head canon.

  7. "Ich habe nichts erwartet und wurde trotzdem enttäuscht."

  8. IMO: If it's useful it makes sense. Therefore quaternions make sense.

  9. Yesterday I learned about Geometric Algebra and I am now considering if my above comment might be wrong.

  10. CDU verwickelt in haufenweise Korruptionsskandale: Ich schlafe.

  11. Is there anything from Australia that doesn’t try to kill you?

  12. That sentence seems so familiar to me for some reason

  13. That's so cool. Is it possible to build the breadboard computer Ben built with this software or would there be parts missing to accomplish that?

  14. All the components are there to build all the modules, which I have done so myself… it IS possible to build the full 8bit machine without the LEDS

  15. That's nice to hear, I'll make sure to give it a shot in the future.

  16. I would like to help you, but it is a bit hard to understand what exactly you want to know here. This might partially be the case because you have 3 different concepts in your example code named model. I'll rephrase your example a bit, so that every concept has its own name:

  17. I think it’s a bit above the level you are on, therefore skill issue

  18. How is it a skill issue if the parry does not work properly?

  19. Might even be an ellipse, which apparently is a form of oval as I just learned.

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