Hours after being sworn in, six school board members in Berkeley County, SC voted to fire the district's first black superintendent, terminate the district's lawyer, and ban critical race theory

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  1. Oh I know, I'm just asking why the MEDIA and literally all the British people hate them together for some reason. I'm not asking why everyone here hates them, that would be kind of dumb to ask

  2. It’s definitely not racism, that’s for sure.

  3. Are you being sarcastic, or? (Sorry, I can't tell through text)

  4. So... We can pretty much all agree Shang-Chi's the best fighter of the whole bunch, right?

  5. I’m sorry, is he spanking him with a HAIRBRUSH?

  6. I feel like comparing Johnny and Iceman to Beast Boy is an insult to both of them lmfao

  7. Correct, he was under house arrest so he used a disguise to do hero stuff. Presumably he did do it again since the Chaotix were indisposed at that time so Espio couldn't have seen Sonic in issue 97.

  8. Maybe Espio just heard about the Sneak and investigated further? I don’t really see why he would have to have seen Sonic in the disguise. Maybe he just put it together by clues or by sneaking into his house or something, idk

  9. Then what does it matter to him? If he watches the exact same category of things you do then why should it matter??

  10. Because Superman doesn’t JUST appear as a super strong alien to the populace. He saves cats from trees, helps with reconstruction efforts, regularly does charity work, helps people with the smallest things and is genuinely just a gentleman. Nothing is really too small for him. The reason the whole populace isn’t turning into Lex Luthor is because they all see his kindness, he’s on the news every single day and is always just helping people. He DIED because he sacrificed himself to stop a monster that was easily stronger than him just because it was the right thing.

  11. The way John Henry looks at the girl is heartbreaking. He looked so desperate and terrified. The New Frontier is such a good book.

  12. Or, consider this: it’s literally just a reflection. Just that. There’s no hidden meaning behind it. It’s literally just a reflection in a glass.

  13. The Gods that Superman usually competes against (Zeus, Shazam, etc etc) aren’t exactly Gods in the Biblical sense. They’re more like just very powerful beings who just happen to be labeled gods. They’re completely different from ACTUAL gods, like the Presence or the Spectre or Maggedon or anyone else who exists on a much higher level.

  14. Plus, he quietly solved a case that not even Jake, Holt and Dillman all together could figure out! Charles is really smart.

  15. That's true, I was more looking at it from a show perspective though, compared to other cases in the show it wasn't a huge solve.

  16. I love how he admitted he had no professional reason to want to fire him for no reason but then proceeded to not elaborate on what said non-professional reason was because it seemed awfully clear, lmfao

  17. I fucking love how Garth is in the center, just being a diva

  18. It’s a cartoon, I think it’s more about friendship, values and so on, not about hidden heterosexual messages.

  19. My first instinct would probably be to reveal myself publicly by proving I'm trustworthy or at least not out to kill everyone by just helping out and saving people. (I'd have to have a suit and mask, though. I can't exactly Clark Kent this.)

  20. I dunno man, it’s just Tails holding a rainbow flag. It’s not that big a deal.

  21. It's perfectly fine and really cute art, what are you talking about? If it's not your cup of tea that's fine but calling it "badly done" is a bit of a stretch

  22. No, I got mixed feelings. The guy mostly used models that I made or ported back in my old Gmod days with no credit. Most notably that Francis model but to be honest, I haven't seen the videos featuring him and maybe never will. I don't really care if I was credited or not because that model was old and not reflective of my current skills.

  23. That’s cool! It sucks that you didn’t get credited for it though

  24. I keep forgetting that Alan actually had female love interests and that he was actually married at one point. It’s a bit funny and a bit sad after reading Infinite Frontier.

  25. Yeah Alan being Bi would have made way more sense than just being Gay. But I get it, they couldn’t just undo that after the New 52

  26. I dunno, I think him being a closeted gay man makes for a much more compelling story. It’s a noble idea, making him bi, but I honestly prefer just him being gay.

  27. Imagine seeing 1980s Beast Boy and finding him attractive, with his middle aged Erik Estrada face on a late teens body

  28. And then you see his personality and it gets ten times worse

  29. Was it really woke to portray a woman so conniving that she would manipulate and drug her coworker just to steal a story from him? Not to mention it still sounds very shallow that she can’t even imagine herself on a date with Clark because he’s so “wimpy”

  30. It’s very much a product and trope of the times, but she was better portrayed in the Golden Age than she was in the Silver Age, at least imo.

  31. Yes! Their friendship is so sweet. I’m kind of hoping that in the MCU Reed and Shuri meet at some point.

  32. Bro is legit implying that Tenoch Huerta isn’t hot?? What world do they live in??

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