Ben Stiller being Tom Cruise.

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  1. There is nothing that turns me on more than a red flag.

  2. Ooh, ooh, what about the pain level of being a DM who only asked that her table handle the scheduling and the game dies due to nobody even asking when to play next after you did hours and hours of work and planning?

  3. I think that’s at least salvageable since you can use the campaign for another group with some tweaks. Players don’t have access to the same sort of campaign knowledge as the DM, so if a DM isn’t feeling it then that campaign is kinda just gone.

  4. Captain Nazi is by far the worst name I can think of.

  5. It gives you gumballs for a quarter, hope that helps :)

  6. Yeah i was confused too! None of those things would want me to continue staying in the army, i've loved the thought of joining (i'm not american) my country's army but there's some complications that won't let me and i was thinking if i were there and they'd make us sing something like this i'd want to get back home!

  7. They’re trying to make everything he’s saying seem like a noble sacrifice, but they’re failing miserably.

  8. It’s probably just gonna be Tyr and maybe Freya

  9. Member when preorder bonuses were actually something cool that incentivized you to get them?

  10. Technically that’s her banana in his box, so she’s down for some funky freaky shit.

  11. There are dozens of Edge of Annihilations, and another for every Dark King, but there is only one Throngler

  12. Billy looks like he would be a beast, if he knew how to throw punches.

  13. Honestly if he sticks with grappling he could still lay down some meat, he just needs his physical aggression to match the fury his voice carries.

  14. Just because he regrets it doesn’t mean he has to walk back good branding.

  15. ... what? Dude that's literally what it is. If you're still taking advantage of that thing you regret, specially when you don't "need" to then those are just empty words. It's like that guy from The Sandman saying he regrets enslaving and raping Calliope but never letting her go even after he became successful.

  16. Well taking the art off the sign doesn’t bring the tiger back, now does it?

  17. Kehaya claiming he got his leg strength by never sitting down, WHEN HE IS INTRODUCED WITH HIS ASS FIRMLY PLANTED ON A CUSHION.

  18. He just straight up fucking lied to the Ogre’s face and then got launched through the roof.

  19. It’s the all in laughter followed by the pause followed by the all in laughter that makes it convincing.

  20. Almost 20% think they can beat a chimpanzee.... But that's just the definition of ignorance

  21. I think they’re just overestimating the similarity between human strength and chimp strength, thinking chimps are akin to really strong but really dumb humans. The problem with that is no human alive or dead is capable of ripping your arms off with their bare hands and then eating you.

  22. What’s interesting about that? His diet is just a little plane.

  23. Firewater and Stranger’s Arm. If I can track him down I can just appear next to him and blast him the face.

  24. Light Yagami. They all love to say their names.

  25. I’m wondering what he’d use to do the deed if I’m honest. Nothing physical seems to be able kill him, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he could just power through heart failure, so what would Light have to use?

  26. He’d probably just have to get a little creative, i.e he gets super aids and dies

  27. It's pretty cool that we have evolved enough to store them and cook them dead instead. Top of the chain.

  28. It’s really incredible how far humanity has evolved when you really sit and think about it. From monkeys that wouldn’t even have the ability to build houses to working towards space colonies.

  29. A Barbarian's body can do anything a magic spell can, and better.

  30. Why counter a spell when you can counter the caster’s existence?

  31. The only impressive thing Kylo did was when he stopped a blaster shot midair. And even then I'm sure Vader could've done that if he wanted to and was pissed off enough.

  32. In fact he did do that when Han shot at him in Cloud City, he even sent them back with a fraction of the effort Kylo took to stop it.

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