1. Unless you have a very old truck it probably doesn't have leaves in the front. But if it does....

  2. English is not my first language so maybe I came off confusing or I said something wrong, I apologize if I did. Im confused what you mean by ‘get the correct springs’. The vehicle in question is a 1977 K10 Long Bed 350 engine and has leafs on the front and back. Do I need to get equal leafs (ex 1500lbs limit) for each one or would it be fine to just replace the front ones

  3. You can replace either the fronts or the rears as pairs.

  4. I'm talking about the ceiling, not the tiled areas where the water will fall. Still not greenboard?

  5. Nope. All the steam condenses on it after it rises up to the cold ceiling.

  6. There are literally millions of showers with regular drywall in the ceiling that are doing just fine. Greenboard on the ceiling is fine, as long as there is adequate ventilation.

  7. Just because there's lots of them doesn't mean it's done right.

  8. No, they don't. No. They. Do. Not.

  9. I spent about 3 or so years at Oscar missile alert facility. Heard stories from other missileers that there was a UFO encounter above the MAF that shut everything down. Including control of all the LFs in the area.

  10. This, or something similar, was widely documented at Echo. I believe it even featured on a TV show once.

  11. What are your "interests"? If it's clown college, well....

  12. The rust you see is 10% of the rust that's actually there. Run.

  13. I think it's awesome. I think my wife is gorgeous, why shouldn't someone else? Plus anything that gives her a little confidence boost is a good thing too.

  14. This is 1000 times better than the real thing.

  15. And the wind said...LeSharo.....

  16. also looking for this info for ear pointing -- if anyone finds out let me know

  17. My question is, why's this douche got your cell number?

  18. I hate this way less than all the other ones.

  19. Go to Philly. This place is a void.

  20. AS stated, the pin ins spring-loaded.

  21. If only there were some readily available tome that described all the functions of your vehicle....

  22. Since you're just doing it for looks, why not save yourself all the money and not be a poser?

  23. Ahhh you forgot the part where it says “and slight off roading” damn. Reading is fundamental

  24. Oh my mistake, I must have missed where any bone stock jeep could easily handle any "slight off-roading" without turning into a parking lot poser. My bad.

  25. "I'll take, "Why I hate the KC-46" for $200, Alex"

  26. I was in an ICBM silo in Montana waiting for the nukes to launch all on their own.

  27. Contrary to popular belief, car covers hold in moisture. While a garage would be ideal, your covered parking space WITHOUT a cover will do just fine.

  28. Get rid of the Prius. They're targeted because of a higher concentration of precious metals in the cats. Seriously buy anything else.

  29. First, I switched from drinking lots of regular soda to drinking lots of diet soda. This alone dropped maybe 10-15 lbs.

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