1. I’m convinced most people that post here are morons.

  2. Well yeah the racist, classist, and sexist constitution should be destroyed and replaced with a socialist one. Trump however wants a fascist constitution which can never be allowed to happen.

  3. You think homeless people have to money to bribe (err I mean donate to) politicians?

  4. How else are your local senators’ defense executive buddies supposed to put food on their tables?

  5. Lol, you're right. We should all support Biden who is pushing Congress to break the union and force a contract without the paid sick leave then. Great idea!!!!

  6. How about support none of them? Both sides are against the working class.

  7. Liberalism is a cancer on the world. This is a communist sub, your kind ain’t welcome here.

  8. "Groomers" is, of course, just the convenient cover to justify their sudden anti-gun stance now that leftists are defending themselves.

  9. Hey now, lets not forget the republican candidate in south dakota who is a literall pedophile, but sure communists and anarchists with guns are the clear problem.

  10. I’m gen Z and I’m never having children as long as capitalism exists. Fuck your declining birth rates. I’m not bringing children into this shit world. One, it’s too expensive and two, I’ll be forced to be an exploited slave just so I can feed, clothe, and house said children.

  11. Are you really dehumanizing a person to the point of calling him a worm? An immigrant nonetheless?

  12. Funny i could say the same about capitalism

  13. Suharto killed millions of communists when he came to power, so I suppose it is the same

  14. Killing communists is bad. Killing fascists criminals and loyalists to a capitalist fascist dictatorship is good.

  15. Oh I know, I’m just posting this for people to steal and use in the wild!

  16. What a coincidence! I didn't want these pieces of shit to visit Pittsburgh either!

  17. No. Everybody succeeds. The others only succeed less.

  18. This is just completely false. Capitalism leads to the size of the pie being increased, so everyone can become wealthier.

  19. What are you doing on a anti-capitalist subreddit? How about you just go back to worshiping a system that causes suffering, poverty, and death. None of what you said is true at all.

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