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  1. Have you bonded?? Please let us know your experience so far!

  2. Errrm. Well. No. I cancelled the order. And sold all my gear and now have just a Maschine and I love it. So yes, bonded but noto with the Minifreak πŸ˜…

  3. Of course you can. I can. If I can anyone can. Keep playing melodies over and over until it sounds good. It is actually pretty easy depending on which DAW or hardware you use. Give it a go!

  4. Missus is veggie, and honestly the quorn chicken nuggets are fucking amazing.

  5. My son would eat "nuggies" pretty much every meal if he had a choice. They're great

  6. Quorn nuggets and Southern fried burgers. Had some really nice Kievs the other night. Can't remember which brand but really tasty

  7. Chorizo stew sounds absolutely delicious right now.

  8. Duck/bird I meant. It might be a duck, it might he another bird. Let's go with another bird as it also had chick peas in it πŸ˜„

  9. 100% with you. Just have zero interest. Just this morning at my new job, we have a Monday morning meeting online. There's a thing called Monday metric where someone says a number and we have to guess the significance. It was 3. The host assumed me and 2 other blokes would know. When it became clear it was a football result. England's result I didn't even know they were playing last night. Not watched one single second. I have seen a photo of the ball across the line but not across the line and thats it 🀣

  10. I regularly have session where when I press stop and say to myself out loud "fucking hell that is so good" or words to that effect. It's not always that good when I return to the project as I often get in the zone when jamming

  11. "Beauty standards" its definitely not standard. Well standard if you want to look like a weirdo. It's a shame these looks are being normalised. And before anyone jumps on me for this, I'm down with whatever makes the person feel happy. Go for it. But the rest of us are entitled to have our views on what looks ridiculous. I bet a lot of people with modern looks will see a photo of themselves in a decade and think "what the fuck was I playing at?!"

  12. Maybe that's how the dinosaurs died out? They also couldn't conceive unassisted but that didn't work out well because their tiny hands meant they couldn't finish properly 🀣

  13. Was it quiz night? I went to a pub once and was told the tables were all reserved because it was quiz night πŸ€”

  14. My old onion. That's how us brits greet each other pretty much

  15. Will have a listen in a bit (am sure its good, just not sure my wife would like to be woken up with your music 🀣)

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