1. I got him into his second phase and then pelted him with arrows on horseback

  2. Well yes I understand the pragmatic differences, being a leftist and all. We like to differentiate our selves on every minor disagreement. Marxists obviously believe in a transition state, as loosely as it’s defined, But, it seems like an odd thing to not consider someone an anarchist just because they believe in a transition into anarchy. I’m not sure that this distinction is useful in a practical sense, but I understand why it exists

  3. I’m not so sure about Trotsky, he was insane and I think had he achieved power he would’ve been similar to Stalin.

  4. I become a rightist every time i see my taxes taken out and a leftist every time I see my hourly rate

  5. I found a tankie sub whilst looking for leftie subs, now I don't know what the fuck I am

  6. Did people already forget about Malcolm X? He was probably the most well known black separatist, and he was no minor figure either. He thought of MLK as a pushover.

  7. Learning some people use other pronouns, and going on to repeat what you’ve heard at no point involves the violation of consent.

  8. They made a whole subreddit to try to convince themselves that they can meme

  9. Them and the opposing one are just constantly bashing each others posts. It’s like a karma farming scheme

  10. Glory to the soon to be 51st and 52nd states of the USA, China and Taiwan

  11. Yeah I think we're on the same page, just with different levels of respect for the guy. He wasn't Jefferson Davis but he wasn't Martin Luther King either. At least we can have a coherent conversation about the guy without resorting to name calling and assumptions. A lot of people aren't capable of that.

  12. Yeah, for sure. Also cool to see another Georgian, though I moved a few years back

  13. I don't blame you dude. Shit's hot down here. Every Summer I'm like man I should move back to PNW.

  14. That one kind of makes me cringe, just from a design perspective. I like the original, when it comes to flag design, simpler is (almost) always better.

  15. But is it actual neo nazis or people who disagree with the government?

  16. Neo Nazis probably disagree with the government, if the government isn’t a Neo Nazi government

  17. Can we stop using the world nazi and neo nazi to apply to every single authoritarian or racist thing… it’s kinda cringe

  18. I said if it is neo nazi, I wasn’t referring to anything in particular. Though, I agree neo nazi is used too often. People conflate Nazis and fascists. Honestly, Just call them mentally ill, as it encompasses all of them.

  19. You’re getting awfully close to my state, for someone within riot distance.

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