The father who helped his son cross the finish line at the Olympics has died

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  1. ETF cu distribuire. Bani in mână > bani care speri că o să vină

  2. Nu se va intampla nimic. Aia nu au inselat statul de capul lor ci cu participarea statului insusi, iar daca aia ajung la judecata se vor afla...lucruri.

  3. Tind să îți dau dreptate. Îmi aduc acum aminte de documentarul Recorder cu drogurile și cum statul a compromis senin o acoperire care dădea roade.

  4. "Dmitry Peskov said: 'There is no contradiction whatsoever. They will be with Russia forever and they will be returned.'"

  5. Contează mai mult ce vrei să devii decât ce ești acum. Acum poate ești un byproduct de traume. Dar ai un cuvânt de spus și poți schimba situația în favoarea ta.

  6. The realisation of yours is similar to that where your parents are not your slaves and can be mean, imperfect, human. Why do you want to be remembered? Being remembered has no benefits for the dead, don't you agree? And not being remembered doesn't hurt them either. The dead have no concept of emotions, personality, etc. They are as emotional as a rock.

  7. 80.000€ pe 10 ani, credit facut in Decembrie. Dobanda fixa ar fi fost nice acuma 😅

  8. Decembrie, când totul era roz. Direct șpiț în 🥚🥚

  9. Emergence of cool links and ideas based on notes and personal interpretations.

  10. Nimeni nu propune beri artizanale. Am văzut prea repede thread-ul, cred.

  11. Is the self composed of tropes and figurative language? Even the stream of consciousness that we identify with is itself a trope. Interesting read. I wish it had talked more about metaphorical language.

  12. I don't know if it's translated, but a romanian philosopher and poet, Lucian Blaga, wrote an excellent book about the origin of metaphors.

  13. Do you ship to the EU as well? I want the full pack of this.

  14. In vacanță în Grecia. Frumos, magic, deconectat de gunoaie

  15. Poți merge la litere în Ro și tragi pentru o bursă pe dincolo? La prima vedere, pare ok planul tău.

  16. I don't have time and the right mood to keep track of so many details, although this was my wildest dream at some point. My finances are automatized (I use Wallet by Budgetbakers for this)

  17. Și aici sunt eu, care bea Lord Nelson ca ultimul noob

  18. Voiam cândva să mă angajez la Bearingpoint. Par oameni faini. Să îmi spui cum ți se pare la ei

  19. You should really drop it. The show is incredibly complex, cuz it tackles difficult themes like morality, fight for power, addiction and trauma. The dynamics unfolded and the symbols/references used and how everything gets integrated is just too good to miss out.

  20. They destroyed the status quo: filthy rich capitalists who dictate top down where the world should go. That's done. Now a new society will emerge from this chaos. No one knows how it will work. Perhaps the rich people are just shuffled and society will return to this state again at some point. But it's a second chance for everyone to make their own life great. No one is burdened with debt, high cost of living, modern slavery, etc. A new society emerges, governed by different rules, since everyone starts equal.

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