Right wing talkshow host emotionally abuse his now ex-wife. Believes women shouldn't be allowed to leave marriages without other party's consent.

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  1. My Grandpa's brother was a war hero in Korea. He was on his way to the airport to go home when he saw his friends going into a big battle. He jumped off the truck with no weapons and went to help them. He pulled a lot of wounded to safety before he was killed. From what I have heard, he was always an amazing person

  2. Why not use a saw to cut the nails

  3. No way up with pictures of a staircase. I'm pretty sure stairs aren't a modern invention either

  4. At least hire somebody that has some acting experience

  5. Peripheral vision or the ability to drive at night

  6. What is with the gloves? Why does he want her to put on gloves? He is a complete psychopath I feel bad for her and couldn't imagine being pregnant with his baby

  7. Freedom to the oppressed. But not to minorities, women, or lgbtq

  8. So what they say about us is true

  9. I switched everything over to batteries and I love them. No gas smell in my garage and no trips to the gas station. I have .8 acres

  10. Sometimes I forget they are a gang and they do thug shit to. Thugs we pay and trust not to kill us

  11. Does anyone else love the way he turns to walk away. Idk what it is but I love it

  12. A kid I went to school with lost his mind in Iraq. He went on a killing spree and murdered a bunch of people

  13. So far this is the worst thing I've seen today

  14. Ariake Grille & Sushi Bar by the Dayton mall. La Base Mexican in Fairborn

  15. A lot of amazing science is taking place to help us. Staying up-to-date on it helps relieve my anxiety. Good luck to you

  16. I surfed Jaco beach in Costa Rica. I saw some massive tiger sharks

  17. The American dream. When I was young, I totally thought I would grow up, get married and buy a house

  18. Catch the wind by Donovan. It still makes me emotional after all these years

  19. Donut haus Springboro, Bear Creek Miamisburg, or any Dorothy lane. I've never understood why Bill's gets so much love

  20. Large needles shoved into your spine, rooting around trying to find the right spot. If the pain doesn't make you black out then you're in for a rough ride. I momentarily lost all senses last

  21. We both get up, brush our teeth then get back in bed

  22. I dont understand how people make hate their personality. I couldn't imagine wasting time hating people I didn't know. I see these transphobes constantly on the attack but I never see trans people shooting at beer or attacking the white trash way of life

  23. It's like agent Sebastian found a beautiful way to show how pathetic some people are

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