What is the weirdest thing you had to do at someone else’s house because of their culture/religion?

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In 1995, my dad owned a video production company. When he was in between clients he made a talk show which never aired publicly

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  1. Swingers are weird as hell, as are polyamorists. They all think very short-term, and RARELY last very long. Feelings always come up, people get hurt, and that's the end of that lol

  2. Not all polyamorists are like that. Some of us only look for long term relationships. Just like with non-poly people, some look only for hookups and some look for long-term relationships. Please don't make general assumptions about a group of people based on your own experiences.

  3. When I would fem shop with my spouse I also asked them in 3rd person "would, my new name, look good in this dress/skirt?" That way I could discreetly ask them if I would look good in it. So just pretend you're buying them for your partner and if someone asks you can say yeah their for David. Or whatever name you wanna use. After a few months of going to the same store one of the cashiers asked if I was "new name" and I came out of the closet to her and she said that was awesome and I don't have to hid it in her store anymore. So with time it will become easier to shop and be your true self. I have faith in you and wish you well.

  4. Cute!!! Can you tell me where you got the orange jacket from? The moment when you're finally able to look how you want to, look in the mirror and think "this is me" is amazing and unforgettable.

  5. I remember the first time I felt that "this is me" moment. It was in a Torrid's changing room with my spouse sitting outside the room. They asked why I was crying and I opened the door and they could see I was overwhelmed with joy. Seeing op's joy brought me joy with the memories I made that day. Thank you OP.

  6. Bad choice, go to Finland instead, appearantly it has the same sauna culture.

  7. Curious why Finland instead of Lithuania? I don't know much about either one.

  8. I'm from Lithuania, and I have never been to Finland but whatever its like, its better then here. Lithuania is in the top 10 European country suicide rates for a reason.

  9. Definitely start from the beginning. That way you're not lost. Also you can binge 43 episodes lol

  10. i was going to but they don't fit in render distance of beacon beams so there wasnt much point

  11. So is the render distance why it looks like the beams are pointing to a central point? (Looks like it's making a triangle)

  12. I think that's probably because I had quake FOV as that's my preferred FOV for playing

  13. I would be there all day! A- asexual D- demi-boy G- Greyromantic O- Omniromantic P- Polyamorous

  14. If you do P A G O D then it is pagod which is Filipino for tired. Don't know if that helps, but there you go.

  15. Welp. That is now my bio on alot of things lol thank you kind stranger

  16. The movie’s called Barnyard, and it’s aged kinda poorly in a few ways. Overall a decent movie with some good ass jokes sprinkled throughout.

  17. How did it age badly? Like were there bad themes or stuff in it?

  18. 42°C is equivalent to 107°F, which is 315K.

  19. In the 2nd video, posted elsewhere in the comments, it looks like he kicks a cop while they're trying to get him stuffed into the cruiser. If they decide to charge him with assaulting an officer, it's ♫felony tiiiime♫.

  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/ttpoqd/man_caught_putting_stickers_on_gas_pumps/i2z6qpd?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3

  21. Haha! Valid question. He's the founder/president of the company.

  22. Yup. Chief Executive Officers are the top of the executive chain, and a lot of the time they also tend to be the owner, but really they're just the top manager - they run the place day to day, but they're beholden to whoever actually owns it, whether that be a single owner who doesn't actually want to be involved in the day-to-day, or the shareholders as a group.

  23. Thank you for all the extra information. Learn something new everyday.

  24. Well enow, but in earnest, he did teach me moo about human corse and medicine moo than any school ev'r didst

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