1. S*** I'm taking my kids to a water park this weekend just so I can make the hour drive in the morning because it's only 45 minutes away from the hotel 😂. Multitasking fellas

  2. Dude you can curbside pick up A lot of places so you don’t even have to get out the car, quick trip while they nap 😂

  3. you’ll have to take almost all of it & probably feel nothing at all esp if edibles don’t work for you. unfortunately, oils up your tolerance so much

  4. The regular edibles I can’t get high but my very first edible had me so high I thought I was the first recorded death by thc so I’ll probably start small just in case 😂

  5. It wont work. If you're like me and edibles dont work for you then itll just be a mild, super tiring experience. I am exactly the same as you OP. Edible once in highschool ten years ago was the highest id ever been. Ever since edibles will not touch me, dispensary or black market, regardless the dose. I tried sublingual RSO and tbh didnt feel a significant difference. Still had to wonder "am I high? Idk i mean I guess maybe?" To me, that = NOT HIGH lol. And it wrecked my tolerance, just the same as if I had gotten high.

  6. Damn, I was hoping this would be a magic gem but I guess I used my one edible card freshman year of college 😪

  7. Also I was in the process of writing a post about my s***** experience at jars. So I put in an order the night before Drive 3 hours from Ohio and when I get there I go in tell him I had to pre-order and they tell me it'll be easier and quicker to wait outside for curbside which I was trying to avoid because the parking lot was completely full and it's a mud pit. So anyways I had to do curbside and I end up waiting an hour and a half. After I get my order we're looking around trying to figure out how we're going to get out of the parking lot because there's no way out there's only one way in and out. So I get out and I asked the security guard you know if he can help us or you know if there's another way around and he's just sit there and laughs looks at me like I'm stupid so we keep moving back and forth we finally get enough angle to get halfway out and get stuck in the mud there. We were in a Mustang so of course I had to get out and push it and the security staff they just didn't give a s*** they was out there smoking weed don't give a f*** what's going on laughing at us. I'll never go back to that place and the f***** up thing is I wasn't even going there for myself I was grabbing something for somebody else.

  8. I was at jars in Monroe on Sunday and I had to back all the way out of the parking lot kind rever to avoid getting stuck in the mud. I went inside to pick up my curb order because there were no spots and they tried to make me go back outside 😂 probably won’t go back again dsp since it far off 75

  9. As long as you’re white and drive a nice vehicle, you should have no problems.

  10. That is the key word personally. Go to norml web site for how quickly it turns into a something else.

  11. Pass many cops on your way home? Last time I went it was only 10 minutes from the border😂

  12. I got to episode 6 before I looked it up, The host are cringe and stand around looking goofy, the judges are very critical & seemed rude early on. The biggest thing I found funny in episode 6 is a couple episodes earlier they literally bombed a contestant for making a miniature version of a german cake as her snack, saying it wasn't innovative and then asked the contestants to make a miniature version of another classic dish which is literally what she did. It was also confusing the way they competed and the judges did not take into consideration their first dish like they said.

  13. Michigan you can get 11 carts for $100, the extra tank of gas or 2 hours in the car outweighes the cost of that 1 cart alone. Just cause it’s from a dispo doesn’t mean it’s worth it - I left the ohio medical program to drive to Michigan every 6 weeks. I even stay overnight sometimes, get s hotel and go out for dinner and it’s still cheaper than 2 weeks supply from ohio dispos (which is cheaper than Ill rec prices)

  14. What are some good dispensaries close to Ohio?

  15. Weed bnb is a thing I think. We own an air bnb on a lake an hour north of Grand Rapids and I don’t give a F if you fire up in there. Not sure if you wanna pay lakefront pricing just to smoke though.

  16. Here is what it looks like, it’s smaller than my index fingernail maybe the size of a pea

  17. There are eight different podcast shows called “the blacklist”. Which one are you referring to please? Thanks

  18. Yes, I always think what if this is my sub sub conscious telling me something is wrong ajd im actively ignoring it

  19. Hmm i frequent up there... what deal did you get? Is the deal still going on?

  20. The sale was “buy 5 get 25% off” and everytime I added another 5 gs of wax the total would go lower than it was before 😂

  21. In my last job search a few months back, I decided to take the route where I telll my recruiter that I have a med card and will test positive. I’m every instance it was not an issue, however once they asked me to test negative but then could smoke once I start the job, and I didn’t have the time to clean my system. I personally took this route because all of the positions I applied to were through recruiters (so I wasn’t directly asking my employer) and the position I was applying for (payroll & talent acquisition) doesn’t typically drug test anyway so I wasn’t as concerned. For me I wanted to get the answer right away rather than spend time and energy interviewing and getting excited just to find a drug test at the end of the race. And I’m too nervous to try fake pee lol

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