1. The Orbic comes already unlocked according to users on HoFo.

  2. Common wisdom is to not buy phones through Mint. Mint's still using outsourced Q1 (Quality One) Wireless to distribute their phones and there are many ways for it to go sideways. Better to try and return the phone as painful as it's likely to be.

  3. Suburban redditors might have a different perspective, but 70ft is quite a ways, plus I imagine there are trees and such. It’s almost a quarter of a football field.

  4. Lol move next to park and complain when there are people enjoying it

  5. I thought that there's only one wifi model, are there more?

  6. Which of the trades would I find a thermal camera expert? It seems a window company would be a conflict of interest.

  7. Also, Arlington and Alexandria county libraries - maybe others - have thermal cameras for loan.

  8. https://www.fox5dc.com/news/police-investigate-body-found-in-park-near-icc-in-montgomery-county

  9. Also, disable autopay to be on the safe side. Not sure but I think removing payment doesn't completely delete the cc info.

  10. I already factory reset it as I thought hey it's my first phone I probably messed something up in the settings and yes I moves everything to my Google account so that's still there but I did lose my conversations with my friends family and work. The contacts are still there but there is no conversation when looking at them which is hard when I made plans with them and can't look back at when or where.

  11. I still can't get over the size constraints. I love what an air fryer does for my food, but I have yet to find an affordable option that lets me cook 12 chicken nuggets without playing Tetris first.

  12. Look into a turbo convection over, usually around 12 qt capacity. Oyama used to be a very reputable and popular brand but Tiger seemed to stop distributing them, at least here in the US. Another similar one at Home Depot (and elsewhere, Amazon, etc) is Tayama. Some even come with extender rings to expand the capacity further. Lots of videos on YT to demonstrate the usage.

  13. Slow cooking with the IP is generally not recommended. Now you know why.

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