1. Dylan: (looks at camera) It’s a misdirect

  2. But Alex isn’t dead he just left

  3. That avatar reminds me when meredith met dereks mom

  4. Agreed. Dylan O'Brien is very handsome.

  5. Isn’t he going to do a commentary on the trailer that he reacted to in a previous video.

  6. Your guess is as good as mine. He doesn’t have a set schedule he uploads when he can.

  7. Then I might as well wait patiently. Thanks.

  8. Yeah I already watched it but thanks 😊

  9. dylan’s next video: finding my long lost twin emotional we cried and made tik toks

  10. But you can tell us troublemakers !!! I’m so curious now lol

  11. Last Christmas. Emilia Clarke is in it.

  12. I wanna know why people think they're special that they're the only one who can break the rule, tons of Troublemakers have shows or movies they'd love for Dylan to watch but they don't because he's repeatedly said don't recommend. He said he hated doing his music channel because people would bombard him with recommendations. Just stop asking and trying unless he says you can.

  13. Just to clarify I don’t think I’m special. This was a joke. If I really wanted to break “The Rule” I would’ve and not made my poll vague. 😁

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