1. This makes me feel slightly better about reversing into my dads car

  2. You expect us to be singing and dancing praising the lord that we’re as low as we are?

  3. Television Presenter: “It appears…yes I have confirmed reports coming in now, of nuclear detonations on $BBBY………dear god” * broadcast cuts out *

  4. Being that the public float hasn’t changed, does that mean A) all the diluted shares have been to a private party/parties, or does it just mean B) they haven’t got all available data yet to provide an updated public float?

  5. I’ve been buying dips since I initially bought in at $11, bearing in mind that was the august run, and I haven’t stopped buying since. I originally had like 360 shares @$11, now I have 3,000 shares @3.02 average.

  6. Medieval drop tower amusement ride

  7. The bed is for rent, not for sale.

  8. Had the jerk chicken in a hungry horse the other week, honestly the weirdest flavour ever. Obnoxiously spicy, and the jerk rub tasted nothing like jerk rub. Just like they had a load of near empty spice pots so winged it and put a dash of everything in

  9. Strange, Don’t remember putting my dining table chairs outside

  10. Either that or earlier in the episode “it’s tea!” when they ask Donovan for puff

  11. Those trainers actually look surprisingly nice. If that had a Nike logo instead of a Lidl one I reckon they’d be £120 easy

  12. Your dad crosses his arms to take his jumper off

  13. Looks like something the evil penguin on Wallace and gromit would wear

  14. I mean…surely we’re not the only nation whose tourists are either wankers or simply there to get off their face…or both. Right?

  15. He definitely prefers to be called gaz or gazza down the local

  16. wait you don't actually think BBBY came anywhere close to 3x volume compared to SPY do you? hahahahaha

  17. At the time of posting this, BBBY was at 122 Million volume and spy was 40 something million. You do the maths.

  18. I’m retail and I sold half my shares. This is undoubtedly dropping lower. It’s a sad time.

  19. Why would you have bought into BBBY in the first place if you don’t have the stomach for watching huge losses?

  20. And the survey says 99% of the UK people think OP is American. Congratulations you are the 1% !

  21. I’m not American hahaha, my dads truck was imported from Texas though. I’m my car is a hatchback and the body panel I was trying to describe was the panel above the rear bumper, but below the rear window. Tailgate was the only word I could think to describe it as the whole lot lifts up when you open the boot.

  22. "Dodge ram mega truck....lifting kit", "tailgate" on your car. You sure this is casual and UK based?

  23. Yep, I’m from England lol. My dad imported the truck from Texas. And by tailgate, what I meant was the boot/hatchback panel, above the rear bumper, just under the rear window. The whole lot lifts up as it’s a hatchback and tailgate was the only word I could think of to describe it.

  24. S-3 form is for ATM offerings. S-1 is for spin-offs. Never stop hyping 🚀💰📈

  25. I mean yes an S-3 is the “conventional” form for an ATM offering, it’s not very common to see a company file an S-1 for an ATM, but at the same time, S-1 forms don’t necessarily HAVE to be spin off forms. It’s essentially a much more detailed S-3.

  26. Been in this play so long now, I recognise days in the sub like this where the overwhelming sentiment is extremely negative and extremely angry, downvotes go flying in the comments and you see the same people commenting over and over, and then in a few days time the water calms and it’s back to business as usual. Whether it’s a coordinated effort to gaslight apes into thinking we’re all doomed and that no one else is in the same boat with them, or whether it’s just a wave of genuine emotion, who knows. Guarantee in a few days time the subs atmosphere will be back to usual

  27. Michael Burry knows this is deep fuckin value lmao

  28. Then I’ll buy that too. Nice comment history, no balls I see.

  29. Solution: sell your wife to buy more BBBY. Kill 2 birds with one stone

  30. Even tho it’s frustrating and she doesn’t understand it, I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world❤️

  31. I’ll be buying myself a Ducati Superleggera V4 and the modest expensive set of alpinestars leathers money can buy…oh and the most expensive arai helmet money can buy.

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