1. I often see meteors during the early morning hours. Green or blue. Can last a few seconds streaking across the sky and they look relatively low. Even though probably? Not?

  2. Where is this at exactly? I usually go to Israel Canyon trailhead but I'm on the hunt for new spots.

  3. Have you looked at exped mattresses? They come in a few shapes and sizes, I got one for the back of my Jeep LJ that pretty much fits like it was made for it. Worth a look anyways! The pro is that it's the most comfortable air mattress I've ever used, the con is that they're pricey.

  4. It's not as portable as an air mattress, but have you considered buying a thick memory foam topper? If you get a 4in one then you shouldn't hit the bottom, and you can cut it to size

  5. That was my plan B! :) yes the only drawback I see is storing it but I think I can come up with something to shove it in or roll it up with

  6. Should have asked "other than Utah.. what's the most common plate in Utah"

  7. Do you know of any stuff to do here in Kearns ? ;)

  8. Thanks! I appreciate it. :) I know some of the roads through the mountains close during the winter months, but wasn't sure which. Didn't want to drive all the way down there for nothing.

  9. Roads to guardsmans pass is a seasonal road along with mill creek canyon after a few miles, american fork canyon after you get up there a bit, mirror lake hwy, Rte 35 right south of there, and one up east of Ogden if my memory serves me right. I think that's all the main ones

  10. The Alpine Loop road, SR-92, between AF and Provo Canyons closes too! Best spot for zero crowds in the winter if you've got a fatbike, xc/bc skis, or if there's enough snow, sled accesed skiing.

  11. Yes meant to mention that. Snowshoed up there once and it was so nice

  12. Remodel it and Amtrak will pull it on their train for a fee. You’d have your own private car.

  13. What!? Lol no idea this was a thing. Very cool

  14. People complaining that this is too simple... What the fuck have you done to reach out to your fellow humans? It's sad that an attempt at positivity gets shouted down for being too simple, too easy, and not enough.... Well what the fuck do you want, rose petals and free doughnuts and an essay?

  15. The comments are coming off pretty childish. I guess no one should ever say anything positive or motivational because someone somewhere might not find it relatable or even offensive.

  16. No positivity allowed on this sub. You must be new /s

  17. Not the salt lake valley but the red barn is worth the drive!!!

  18. And get an apple cider slushy while you're at it. Add caramel ice cream. I hear they are also making apple fritters

  19. Utah is also home to over 1,000 native bee species making it one of the most diverse geographic regions for bees in North America!

  20. Describe this plane. Big and grey. Small and grey. Small and white

  21. You want to go into the air force to fly? Let them pay for your flight training instead!

  22. What do you do for fun? Do you like the outdoors? I moved here from CT and have enjoyed every moment. Endless exploring if that's your thing.

  23. I drove by you heading home. Could see the smoke from the dam

  24. Rainbows like this almost look like they shouldn't exist in the real world lol

  25. I still don't really understand why they appear in such a continual shape. I get that light is passing through the water particles in the air. But...how.

  26. Good point. You would think it would look like a rainbow wall rather than an arc?

  27. It was me and my wife that were attacked. We're still in shock and there will be a lot to process. But we're surrounded by good people, and going to be OK.

  28. Front door was unlocked. We usually habitually lock it on the way to bed, but just forgot Monday night.

  29. Dang that sucks. Hope you guys recover well!

  30. I'd push the request button at like 345 if you need to leave at 4am. If no one takes it I'd then just jump in the car

  31. If the poll was done on this sub... Utah would be 1000th/50

  32. Not exactly nearby.. Rollys Red Barn in Santaquin. They have great apple cider donuts too

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