1. The most tragic, romantic and pastorally beautiful film ever made about eating human flesh.

  2. The Dollars Trilogy, The Apartment, Color out of Space. There’s several more but those are in the ones in my collection off the top of my head

  3. I only have TGTB&TU out of those but even without HDR it looks fantastic, miles better than my old Blu-Ray

  4. Pre-1950ish is what I consider to be an old movie (I’m 44 myself for reference).

  5. Because film is inherently the equivalent of 4K resolution.

  6. Well I for one really fucking loved it. I will always go to bat for a movie that really tries and goes for something great and original, takes a real swing at it, rather than the usual mediocrity.

  7. I literally just got home from seeing it and I thought it was flat out GREAT. The 3 hours just flew by!

  8. Aftersun is probably the best film of the year. Possibly best film of the 2020's tbh. I think it's a strong year for films, but it's disappointing to see a very obvious (to me) snub.

  9. The first one was leggy because of the 3D. It created a mini revolution that fizzled out. This movie isn’t giving people a new movie viewing experience.

  10. Indeed. Lol This is why I don’t get paid to predict the box office!

  11. “I Walked With a Zombie” (1943) is incredibly good and atmospheric. A lot of the Jacques Tourneur titles are gems in general.

  12. Bubba Ho-Tep sounds like the dumbest piece of shit on paper. “Old Elvis Presley saving the retirement home from a killer mummy”

  13. Me and my wife moved out and bought our own very small apartment when I was 21 and she was 19 (this is now 23 years ago). It was difficult and we barely scraped by for the first few years but it was possible.

  14. "Bröderna Lejonhjärta" by Astrid Lindgren ("The Brothers Lionheart" in Swedish). Read it as a kid in German (my native language), but started learning Swedish last year, so I thought I'd read the book again in its original language. And even at 29 I still love the story.

  15. One of the best books ever written by one of the best authors that ever lived.

  16. Petite Maman was my favorite movie from last year and I feel like no one talks about it

  17. Incredible film. I had it fourth on my top 10 list for 2021 (after Green Knight, Drive My Car and Dune).

  18. How tf do you defend in this sport, is it basically basketball defense?

  19. A lot more physical. Huge amount of pushing and pulling tolarated if not necessarily allowed.

  20. Can’t offhand think of anything that I disagree with more. Maybe a flat-earther but even then it would be close.

  21. I wasn’t without trepidation, it’s a bold choice…but I’m super happy with it.

  22. Generally very good. Iceland is near the top of almost all metrics measuring general welfare, quality of life and happiness. Our kids run free outside and it’s a tight knit cohesive society.

  23. So, they got the shooting and some playmaking, just thought he’d be too much of a defensive liability.

  24. I mean, sure…he went so far in the second round that he was drafted while a Taco Bell commercial was playing, so safe to say that very few people realized what they were looking at.

  25. Why? They allow machine guns to be sold over the counter over there. You can't do that in the United States.

  26. Even if I'm confusing this with the Czech Republic (which does allow machine gun sales), you still have a similar percentage of people who own firearms compared to the USA, so being afraid of the USA because guns is silly.

  27. Your ability to be wrong is exceptional! Very enjoyable.

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