1. Wait what community ? I’m confused can OP give me context.

  2. No, Modern Day Debate is a specific YouTube channel entirely dedicated to hosting the kinds of debates that Debate Bros do.

  3. The original republican nominee, Jack Ryan, withdrew from the race after a sex scandal. In desperation, the GOP nominated Alan Keyes. However, Alan Keyes was from Maryland, not Illinois.

  4. Funnily enough, this isn’t even the first time that this has happened in that town. The c.1670s manorial estate of Mayor of New York Matthais Nicoll was demolished in 1999 by its owner.

  5. Could they not just use the antique houses as a guest house or show piece?

  6. There was a plan to move the Richardson house somewhere else to be preserved, but it was overwhelmingly rejected by the town, citing how expensive it would be.

  7. Posting Andrew Tate in this sub has to be the lowest hanging fruit imaginable

  8. I am a straight, single, young, white guy with little to no self esteem who has never been in a romantic or sexual relationship someone before. I am essentially the demographic who most often become incels.

  9. Zeldin was a good candidate who was running against an already weak incumbent whose predecessor resigned after multiple scandals, & whose first lieutenant governor resigned after a corruption scandal.

  10. Stephen pinker Edit: Steven pinker. Not even spelled the cool way

  11. I’m not particularly familiar with Pinker, other than a clickbait video thumbnail of him discussing Noam Chomsky with Thomas Sowell.

  12. That adjunct professor that had students read his blog posts about how Christianity is persecuted for a 101 class. I'm not joking.

  13. I recently learned that you can turn off followers, and yes I turned it off because of all the only-fan spam.

  14. How much you wanna bet that this guy is going to die alone in his moms basement on a laptop having wasted away doing nothing but sending random people he didn’t like bestiality & ranting about how women are bad.

  15. Look, I’m all for criticizing atheist YouTube & the new atheists (particularly the ones who are alt-right/ promote reactionary views or engage in horribly bad faith arguments with theists), but I think it’s very unfair to compare fairly decent YouTubers (such as genetically modified skeptic & cosmic skeptic) to the edgelord atheists of 2010.

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