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  1. Love the Ikea kallax in the background! Good for vinyl record storage

  2. Honestly I thought that The host was the cutest. Anything with her?

  3. Is it too much to ask for some vanilla porn from her hahah

  4. Seriously can't you just suck a dick without punching it?

  5. The first one is Remy Lacroix and the second is Mia Malkova.

  6. Reddit formats weird - they probably did type 3 and 4, and reddit adjusted the list to 1 and 2

  7. Councilman jamm had a pretty decent bounce back career

  8. This reminded me of my massive Amy Santiago crush.

  9. Neat pic but I'm conditioned not to put my peen near anything that's actively steaming.

  10. By God, if I ever had a type, it is busty redheads (tattoos are bonus points)

  11. Obviously this is wonderful and silly and sexy and impressive and enticing and arousing, yes all of that.

  12. That one girl rimming at the bottom being the silent hero

  13. All right cool, but homie really needs to shut the fuck up. He doesn't sound like a person, he sounds like that goat whose bleat sounds like a person.

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