1. Imagine if the season 2 maps are Museum and beach Shipment

  2. Don’t joke about this. It’s exactly the kind of thing IW would do and act as though they’re doing us a favour

  3. Shutting down in a move that will come as a surprise to precisely no one

  4. Maybe have a think about how the rest of the team was able to rack up the hill time needed for the win. I’d hazard a guess it was surprisingly easy for you

  5. The argument is that in a game with a TTK as fast as this one, not being able to plate while repositioning removes a lot of outplay potential.

  6. OP is acting like apex and warzone are the same game. He even said "a movement game". Exactly what warzone isn't.

  7. It’s decent but could be excellent with a few tweaks and some long term progression beyond the grind to level 100 and unlocking parts of the safe house

  8. The logic here is so flawed it’s hard to know where to begin

  9. I think good original maps with a decent number of classics will definitely help. I love ranked too but a lot of people are super causal and won’t ever touch it

  10. If shooting bots is a good enough warm up for CDL pro’s, it’s good enough for us

  11. Feel like the comp community has been needing something like this for ages

  12. Sniping was fun on this map but nothing will ever beat Raid for me

  13. I always found it funny that the “pro tuned” guns are commonly some of the worst configurations one could make

  14. I’m convinced they’re genuinely clueless about how their attachments actually work.

  15. I listened to this for a while. It’s ok but there’s a lot of just speculation that never amounts to anything. Without any insider sources or knowledge it’s difficult to discuss anything in depth

  16. What kind of panzy ass post is this, CoD dont need fans like this

  17. Just to be clear - do I have the sword, or does the orangutang?

  18. Used to play on the ol’ 55 inch but I recently switched my Xbox X over to a monitor with a wired controller and I’m never going back. You wouldn’t think a few milliseconds makes a difference until you experience it first hand. I’ve turned on some players so hard since playing on a monitor that would’ve resulted in my screaming at the kill cam on a tv.

  19. If you have a good tv the response time isn’t that noticeable. The frame rate difference is very noticeable though. It’s like playing a different game

  20. Once you play with a monitor you can’t go back

  21. You don’t understand! The spirit is gone!

  22. This isn’t slightly better, this is 1000x better

  23. oh, I remember this bug from hitman 2, where they accidentally placed two drinkables on top of each other a few places.

  24. I remember raging at the Maelstrom going to see his lady and being seemingly invincible to the poison I’d carefully put in his wine glass several minutes earlier

  25. Guy probably still has his lunch money from grade school

  26. Do you have any original thoughts at all or do you just parrot boomer phrases and hope for the best?

  27. Yeah like John Wick when he got shot and fell off the building

  28. That’s a dope idea tbh. There’s a surprising lack of informational videos like that regarding spawns and strats and shit.

  29. Yeah if you’re new to the scene it’s pretty hard to find content that’s actually helpful

  30. Yeah and I’m not even new, but I don’t have time to learn spawns and weird shit about the game when I work 7-5 every fkn day. I hop on mosh pit and have no clue what’s going on with callouts and spawns.

  31. People will vote for the same maps over and over.

  32. We typically only get a choice of 2 so no they won’t

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