1. No, but I have the waterblock if you would like it

  2. I was told that doing 100s isn't really worth it so I learned to grind 500s just for this purpose. It paid off really well.

  3. What order do you do the runes in and what does your p7 survival rotation and dps rotations look like if gou don't mind me asking?

  4. Hey are you willing to sell the Think 6.5 v2 without the switches and stabs? IF so what would the price be

  5. I can do $350 for the think or $325 for the Jules

  6. hey can we talk abt this on discord pls my tag is Olliebobs#3766

  7. Prefer if you can send me a private message on her as per the rules.

  8. Bought HD800s Made in Ireland from

  9. We have two MYPs and we have a similar issue except it's the sidemirrors. Attempting to fix it in one car causes the other to lose config and vice versa. Really annoying and I've just stopped changing them when I drive my s/o's so that I don't then need to reconfig them again on mine.

  10. I'm having these crashing issues as well except I'm not running any amd hardware. Still getting like 3+ crash to desktops randomly.

  11. is the ddc 3.2 or 4.2? The box says 3.2 and your listing says 4.2

  12. Ah, you're right! It is 3.2, my mistake.

  13. Purchased ROG Thor 850 Watt Platinun PSU from

  14. Doesn't sound like you've had a great experience either. Mine has been similar. I bought from a retailer and reported the problems immediately but instead of offering a replacement they referred me to humanscale, who to be fair, responded quickly to begin with but then I had to chase them up over 2 weeks after they told be they would send a replacement smart link (the big link containing the spring mechanism) and a replacement vesa plate + cowl. The guy I spoke to said the cowl not fitting properly is a known issue. Hopefully this one works better.

  15. Yeah Humanscale has been great in support at least. Do let me know how to goes with the vesa cover, I might request a new one if yours seems to fit well.

  16. Hi, about a year and a half

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