1. 079 watching the gate and telling his buddies where you were.

  2. There was no computer watching the gate since you don't see the gate activate 2 times when they enter it.

  3. Looks like your buds had an unfortunate time going though the tesla gate, but gave the dogs enough time to pin you.

  4. For me, it was Blade Runner 2049. It taught me that movies aren't only for fun.

  5. For me, a server can only become very casual if there are less players active and everyone just messes with each other.

  6. Some are delusional and see a purpose that isn't there. Otherwise, we're all the same.

  7. Even if there is no purpose in life, as long as it changes our lives drastically, I don't care.

  8. I would say Masaki Kobayashi's The Human Condition Trilogy. An epic war trilogy that would absolutely grip your heart.

  9. Hat is the deadliest item in the game if used effectively.

  10. Nah trust me. My dad put a newsboy cap on and I never saw him again.

  11. Father requested me to draw him thank you for the support he will be pleased

  12. Uh, reinstall, verify files, or ask for tech help on the discord. Asking them is the best option though.

  13. Finally fixed my issue because of this. Thank you 🥰🥰🥰

  14. Christopher Nolan too and because Tenet was such a let down.

  15. I kind of disagree with Tenet. Yes it was a let down in the box office but imo it was also his most innovative movie to date.

  16. Probably also Christopher Nolan I think alot of his movies are still great but I just don’t love them as much as when I first watched them

  17. Ikr, maybe it's his focus on plot instead of characters which make them very entry level imo.

  18. It chews you up and spits you right out to an amalgamation of fear and angst for the future ahead

  19. Blade Runner 2049, it was the first movie that introduced me to movies that focus on character study and not the plot.

  20. Blade Runner 2049 is also my favorite! Followed!

  21. Blade Runner 2049 was the reason why I got into cinema.

  22. It's really eerie when the death finally happens but you already know it beforehand. It's just that confirmation that surprises you.

  23. "Let both the Innocent and the Guilty Live in Fear" -The Fifth Seal (1976)

  24. The server I play on has it so anyone on Course in 914 loses 50% health and teleports somewhere random. It's super handy for almost all these situations (assuming you find 914)

  25. With 079 getting a no camping ability, the Vulture playstyle will not be as effective in the next update.

  26. Ravenfield beta 5 can be download for free in itch Io and gamejolt.

  27. But it doesn't give you the real experience of the full game sadly.

  28. I actually like this idea of a mini loot drop system. I approve

  29. if you didnt use the time to close the door you could have avoided 106 lmfao

  30. Yeah didn't realise it until now :(((. At least I know what to do now after this post.

  31. LMAO you got screwed backwards. You would have had a better chance if you hadn’t tried to make it to surface haha.

  32. Didn't know where heavy was at the time of the footage so my instinct told me to go to surface. Going to heavy was also an option but considering the entire scp team was patrolling entrance it was not an option plus I don't the layouts.

  33. 193. I will never watch any of them.

  34. But at least you know there are still things to watch around the world. A watchlist always full means you still keep finding something interesting.

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