1. Couldn’t even rip off a character from a good game like team fortress 2

  2. Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away from the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra

  3. They wouldn’t have made it past the skin walkers and forest demons to get to us in Ohio so not to worried he will even show up

  4. Not Zombie Island, but the one with the Hex Girls (can't remember the name)

  5. Scooby doo and the witches ghost, I got that shit on dvd

  6. Warhammer soldiers: Join us, brother

  7. Fuck the codex brother, we are getting as many soldiers we can to fight the hoard

  8. [LOUD INCORRECT BUZZER SOUND] you’re wrong, sulfuric acid

  9. He can’t solve world hunger because no matter how much food you donate to the places that need it food is finite and the places that need it are infinite. The only way to solve it is researching agricultural ways to grow food in places like Africa that need it.

  10. My brother in Christ, there has been nothing original posted here since the dawn of man

  11. WW2 was interesting as fuck, there was a castle siege where American and German troops along with French politicians fought off the SS division

  12. Man was playing the wii party island game and just rolled to get out of hell bro

  13. I would kill someone with 27 gun shot wounds to the chest and head if they steal some of my fries but I am not strong enough to kill doc Micheal

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