1. Watch "90 Day Finance" and see how most of those relationships blowup

  2. I have yelled at my TV because I think Ben was making a huge mistake

  3. Run your credit report. Maybe there is some bad information on there.

  4. Would they really run one without it being part of the formal background check process after you get an offer / without notifying you first?

  5. They might not want to spend the money on the background check before you accept the offer. Save for drug test.

  6. Wow very toxic sub. I hope the rest of Colombians aren’t like this subreddit.

  7. 200,000 for 90 mins deep tissue. Problem is that the owner is american, so I feel like a 10% or 15% tip isn’t enough

  8. 200,000 COP seems like a good deal with the current exchange rate

  9. I like Bogota better than Medellin. Bogota has less tourists, which is a plus for me. Bogota has lots of museums and art.

  10. Never been to Lima. I am looking for other cities similar to Bogota (mild temperatures, cheap, gorgeous women, walkable)

  11. Actually its a job offer I am just debating which job to take and I would take this if that wasn't a req and if I can prob negotiate or not.

  12. Backend developers are smarter. Frontend developers dress better. Full stack developers are doing both because their companies are cheap.

  13. How long is the commute? You need to calculate gas and car repairs due to the extra milage. Also, you might eat out more for lunch if you work from the office and that costs money.

  14. Stop watching the news. Delete all social media apps. Join a gym.

  15. I watched an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" and Robin said she "banged for roof" when she traveled.

  16. I would consider taking the laptop with you and just using a VPN to hide your location.

  17. Same. My credit union can't be connected with Plaid, and Coinbase Support is telling me that I can't use that account at all anymore because of that. Fuck these guys

  18. My checking account was removed too. I just added it back. It took a while to appear, but I was able to use it again.

  19. I wouldn't move solely for health care reasons, but it might be different if I was sick or elderly.

  20. just something to consider about quitting. tomorrow is December first. most companies will basically shut down the week of the 19th and probably won't pick back up again until mid to late January.

  21. From my personal experience I will never go to HR with anything ever again. If I can't handle it on my own I will coast as I look for a new job. HR is not your friend. They will demonize you and make you the problem. HR's entire job is bootlicking and protecting the company FROM you, they don't give a fuck about you.

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