1. My only guess is that they figured they pissed you off real bad for passing like that and then figured you were following them so they juked you

  2. Might've also seen the train ahead and thought they could get around it/beat it.

  3. The T does provide a bunch of performance data publicly, but it's absolute horseshit. I have no idea how they calculate their metrics and having done legwork to work with their data APIs, approximately 50-60% of the MBTA at any given time is either completely stopped for several minutes at a time (and not at a terminus), or running less than 75% of the scheduled speed.

  4. Same guy puts his finger in the ice cream and licks it off, then does a second dip sometimes, while making it. I've seen it, as have many others that have worked there (it was a running topic of discussion how gross he was). I don't know if the rest of the staff have managed to guide him away from making the ice creams that are served to actual customers by now though - that was years ago, and they were trying at the time.

  5. Greedy business owners coming out of the shadows, one at a time. How many people drive there specifically to eat their ice cream? Probably a very small percentage.

  6. I used to work there and can confirm it was a small percentage. Plus, for the people that did, they parked on side streets and walked around Central Square... which you can still do.

  7. Of the Cities: Skylines tracks I've seen posted in here, I think this is the prettiest and best realized. As a layout, Imola and Gilles Villeneuve seem to be the main influences, and I think it would be pretty fun/good for racing. Nice work!

  8. It's so well done that it even has accurate representations of the stupid places real tracks put sausage kerbs - the ones on the exit of Turn 14 remind me of that time someone thought it would be a good idea to put them on the outside of Parabolica at Monza.

  9. The wiki article never mentioned why the circuit breaker was open to begin with? Was something intermittently faulty? Did some open it and forget to close it? Was it opened on accident?

  10. Mentour Pilot has a video on this accident where he goes into this. It's low to the ground in a relatively high-traffic area of the cockpit. These breakers commonly get bumped and pulled out or pushed in, and there is an option for this aircraft to install a protective bar to prevent this. LOT did not install that protective bar, and relied on pilots to carefully check the panel to ensure it was correct.

  11. They likely didn't, better to save the foam to fight fire at the actual location the aircraft comes to rest.

  12. They did foam the runway, as there was so much advance notice they were still able to refill their trucks before the aircraft landed.

  13. I took a technical writing course in college, and my professor said that you have to write instructions for the biggest idiots on the planet. Like, assume that they don't know that peanut butter only goes on one side of the bread when making a PB&J sandwich, then write directions accordingly. You and I see things like "for external use only" on soap and think "duh," but there are (many) people out there who have to be told explicitly not to eat the soap.

  14. For a long time now working in a service job, I've felt that the true purpose of a sign is not for the idiots to read it, but for you to have something to point to and say it's their own stupid fault.

  15. Space elevator deserves its own small district but putting it near the airport is pretty smart

  16. A space elevator wouldn't be put near an airport as most airports contain navigational aids that are used to create flight paths at cruising altitude. You'd have to redesign the airspace massively to allow for it, and aviation is a very conservative industry so good luck making that happen.

  17. Next thing you know, the MBTA will blame the passengers for panicking and kicking out the windows when there was no threat to the passengers because the smoke was non-toxic.

  18. Also happened with another incident at State where a train ran over some metal debris and made an arc so big it sounded like an explosion, I was there and you will never convince me that smoke was non-toxic. Shit looked like mustard gas. Of course the T whined at passengers for kicking out windows anyway.

  19. Whenever I see a discussion on the effectiveness of airport security, I always have to think of the time I used my hiking backpack as hand luggage, and forgot to take a ~10 cm pocket knife out of one of the semi-hidden pockets. I only noticed it after I landed, got to my accommodations, and started unpacking.

  20. The big airports don't care, but the smaller outlying airports catch everything, even stuff that's actually not against the rules. I flew several times with a small speaker in the very front of my bag, and it took until I went through a small airport for me to discover doing that actually blocks out most of the bag on their scanner, because of the magnet. They made me take it out and rescan the bag.

  21. Still works as of just now, but with code GCPRIME22, one character different to the one in the title.

  22. I'd love to hear the Ed, Edd, and Eddy them played on organ in any context

  23. If you're ever at a Red Sox game poke the

  24. Also the Iranians, and the US at least once

  25. This is because you opened BBC on the cover screen and it doesn't support resizing while running. If you resize it, it will go back to its home page. Just a poorly optimized app, that's always been the case.

  26. Next year, FIA might propose a new design for the stronger side structure.

  27. They added a second side impact structure this year already. The purpose of those structures is to protect the driver, not to ensure the car can be used again.

  28. So he... showed up late and said something?

  29. Or he said something and left early.

  30. I don't regularly watch Linus, but that sums up pretty well the misunderstanding and misinformation of folds out there and even perpetuated in this sub: screen protector is not essential to the phone. It can be removed and does not affect warranty.

  31. The screen protector is fairly essential if you're using the pen, as you can permanently indent or scratch the screen with the pen pretty easily without the protector. If you don't use the pen, it's not necessary, though it is still a little safer, for example it prevents accidental scratches from fingernails when you pass the phone to your tech-illiterate grandmother 😁

  32. I need to take mine to the beach this summer. She's only been to lakes and doesn't go in far enough to swim. I think she's afraid.

  33. I got my neighbor's dog to take her first swim back when they were away and I was walking her. I played fetch with her for a little bit, tossing the ball in the shallow water, and she'd wade out to grab it. Eventually I tossed it too far by accident, and she just swam out and grabbed it. We were both very surprised but she seemed to have no problem with swimming after that - I think she just didn't realize she could!

  34. Congratulations! I was wondering if you can spare some advice with where to start? I’m a aviation enthusiast took 3 classes of aviation mechanic but didn’t find the career something I’d can see myself doing the more I learned about it. But this does seem intriguing!

  35. Don't be afraid to try other launchers. I never liked Samsung's and used to use Microsoft Launcher on previous candy bar phones but it's not Fold-aware (makes sense, they optimized for DUO). I ended up using Niagara. Use the free trial of paid features for best effect.

  36. I will say, baby the phone if you're in a very dusty or sandy environment. The hinge is not dustproof and you may end up regretting treating it like most phones in that particular instance.

  37. I'm in the same boat. I have a bipolar 2 diagnosis. I'm medicated(not lithium) and have been stable for years. Either I lie, or I can't even get a PPL, which is all I was ever after. Killed my dream of flying, so now all I can do is operate heavy machinery that could kill me and live vicariously through YouTube and this sub.

  38. Ever considered dispatching? You still get similar flight benefits, including access to CASS and the cockpit jumpseat (in fact you're required to jumpseat at least five hours a year), and there is no medical required.

  39. Kinda ridiculous they have to do it over again if all the same people were there.

  40. Them's the rules. The law says "all passengers", so all have to get the briefing, and she wasn't there for the first one. Technically, they could have given a solo briefing to that particular passenger and that would have followed the rules, but I don't imagine flight attendants would be aware of that technicality. Hell, I'm studying these regulations to go into the industry and I didn't even know that until I looked up the law just now to cite it for you.

  41. That had nothing to do with pressure, and when it's pressurized it's still far less than ground level pressure, it's just more than what's outside the plane. The issue you witnessed was an idiot leaving a door open.

  42. To be more specific, most modern aircraft are pressurized to about the equivalent of 8,000 ft. Some particularly advanced aircraft, such as Concorde, the 787, and the A350, pressurize their cabin to the equivalent of 6,000 ft.

  43. How did it go? Anything particularly interesting that stood out?

  44. How many dispatchers does it take to dispatch one train every 10' from either Forest Hills or Oak Grove? With the automated safety features of the non-Green subway, is a human dispatcher even required? If so, does that person drop by every half hour, dispatch two or three backlogged trains in a row from one end or the other, and then go back to whatever they were doing? Because it sure is running that way.

  45. You don't ever want to rely safety features like that - they're a last resort to prevent human error from cascading into deadly situations. The T relying on those last lines of defense to catch everything is exactly how we got to the point of the FTA telling them politely yet firmly to please do their actual job, and do it now.

  46. This is an An-124, which is a much more common aircraft and is still in service. IIRC what it's transporting here is a Challenger 600 business jet that was damaged so badly by wake turbulence from an A380 that it ultimately had to be scrapped.

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