1. Wave Cooker. As long as you take Temp Amplifier on 3 and Exothermic on 5, everything else can be whatever.

  2. Yes, the same damage as hyperprop without the heat mod. It's supposed to do half damage plus heat, but it does full damage plus heat instead.

  3. Armor breaking is also bugged, but in the bad direction. It does minimal armor damage to the plate that it hits, and also doesn't do full damage through the plate like it should. You should be able to 1 shot shellbacks with AB hyperprop but nope.

  4. There was a live wallpaper code before but now most if not all don't work

  5. Wallpaper, as in the image in the main menu? You can use any image you want, if you bring it through USB. If you mean the theme, then the one with Jin in the forest is in fact unobtainable, as all the codes are now outdated.

  6. Yes but there was a alot of codes for this one live wallpaper with different icons and stuff

  7. Literally every weopon is op this game has too fast of a ttk

  8. I hate that thing its like having deadshot in cod zombies

  9. Yeah there's builds where 1 or 2 kills scare off like 7 of em

  10. Ngl I get how 3 are a pain but why do people hate fighting one I mean you just parry it and the thi gs do a 180

  11. oh no, not get rid of Demon Cutter at all, but allow the addition of an ability like DC's throw to Master's Katana (or whatever Legendary possibly).

  12. not really. if they made that ability cost a fair amount of currency to add like I suggested, it wouldn't invalidate the existence of the Demon Cutter which costs nothing to use.

  13. Well sure but most people would rather pay currency over rng

  14. Honestly I love deep strikes buff for samurai I just run that and can quickly obliterate oni lords in a normal katana fight

  15. Bro I loved this time when I got potg and everyone Wass just laughing at my name and then next game they read my desc

  16. Nightmare story is easy the leaderboard people just ruined thsf mode anyways since they basically solo it while you trulyna catch up with them

  17. It's cuz running into those curtains gets you out of their sight one a 1 second is enough to assassinate

  18. The building are more op than the grass I abuse it all the time

  19. Don't mean to shot on this but why don't you just hallucinate a onload against oni in a normal gold mission

  20. Not being sarcastic! Hidden Heart can go bag itself! So happy to finally get this

  21. Ngl i just got it early on accident didn't know it was meant to be hard

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