Kerch Underwater Bridge Megathread

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  1. Guys get sick of being in a trench 24/7. That Canadian volunteer said he jumped in a trench with 2 Ukrainians, they got out "for a smoke" and as he was about to join them a tank shell cut them in half.

  2. Watch yourself out there. Ukraine will need you to rebuild after this is over.

  3. Welcome to Ukraine, gentlemen! I will not lie: the chances of your survival are small!

  4. Aggression is the LEAST of Russian war crimes.

  5. This reminds me of a story from the Winter War: a unit of Finnish soldiers visited the cottage of a sweet old lady situated in the middle of nowhere. With a heavy heart they told her, that the Russians will be advancing soon and they cannot leave any shelter for them to use. She then grabbed a broom, swept the floor of her cottage and proceeded to personally set it ablaze, saying to the soldiers: This is my gift to Finland.

  6. No, Ukraine or Ukraina comes from the word "Kraina", which in Cyrillic is Україна = Крaїнa. Kraїna has a common slavic root word Krai, or Kraj - translated literally as "Country", "the land".

  7. Just would like to add that the word was first used, in connection with specific Ukrainian lands which belonged to "Ukraina", in 1590 in one of the Polish law documents of parliament. It was the first official use of the term in legislation.

  8. According to Russian sources Ukrainian SOF should already be in Moscow.

  9. Man-thing saves best-supreme hamster from Orcs, yes-yes!

  10. Cue Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty Mission Complete theme.

  11. He’s literally nothing but a meme. There are better established options.

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