1. Haha ok. And your bias and hatefulness is plain for everyone to see

  2. You don’t hold any bias at all do you? Defender of 45.

  3. How long were you on the water? I want to take my 3.5 daughter out. Wife is nervous.

  4. About an hour. She didn't get bored but DEFINITELY got wiggly. Just stay close to shore and go nice and easy on paddling.

  5. Thanks, yeah I figured an hour max.

  6. I went to a Catholic high school.

  7. Urban maternal mortality rates are 135 per 10,000 childbirth hospitalizations. Rural maternal mortality rates are 140 per 10,000 childbirth hospitalizations.

  8. Which is a higher number 135 or 140? I always get this argument well it’s not that much higher.

  9. We could say "not higher enough to explain a maternal mortality rate of 1 per 4,800 births versus 1 per 16,400 births".

  10. It’s not that they are rural and that causes the difference. It is the governments that are over seeing those areas.

  11. There's no law against it either but if someone did make one there wouldn't be a constitutional basis for stopping it either.

  12. Employer vaccine and mask mandates.

  13. Because it didn't have a constitutional basis. Progressives can't see this because they project their own approach to politics and policy onto conservatives. Rule of law, federalism, and limited government are concepts that matter more than any more policy preference.

  14. Lots of things are not specifically spelled out in the constitution.

  15. There is also TX and Fl that rank higher in population.

  16. It was so much fun. The giant ball machine, or the radio controlled boats, maybe some laser tag.

  17. Exactly. Especially “typical use” which is way lower than “perfect clinical use.”

  18. My wife’s IUD is probably illegal now illegal in OH.

  19. Because there's nothing in the Constitution that says abortion is protected.

  20. Lots of stuff is not specifically in the constitution.

  21. Unpopular political beliefs.

  22. Seems like that would be a very heavy cowboy hat.

  23. The API sent him a letter last week laying out TEN things he could do.

  24. Will you share them with the rest of us? Which ones would current republicans vote for at a national level?

  25. I like both types of camping.

  26. Removing inappropriate books from school libraries is not “banning books.”

  27. Delighting the responsibility of what books are allowed in a library to the government instead of knowing what your child is reading and reading with them.

  28. Your coil is probably freezing. Get a technician out there.

  29. If he truly believes there was voter fraud and truly believes pence could have stopped it then what is there to care about?

  30. You wrote all of that. You could have said.

  31. I’d expect an “insurrection” which “threatened our democracy” would be thoroughly investigated by now.

  32. It has been investigated throughly, now they are sharing the findings.

  33. OP. You have asked several times if the infographic is true or not.

  34. This infographic and you for presenting is quite indicative of the intellectual rot in this country. You are either too simple to realize it or you are being maliciously obtuse either way it and you are a disappointment to our nation.

  35. Easier. Teach them to pick up and hang up there towels.

  36. I have kids. She is three and knows how to hang the towel up afterwards.

  37. One of the worst Bond movies my personal favorite though.

  38. I think they mean that those who were showed up to DC and protesting the results were using normal political discourse. There's a difference between that group and those who actually broke into the Capitol.

  39. DNC’s official statement on the riots was “mostly peaceful?”

  40. Almost nobody is claiming the riot was peaceful. Most just realize it is what it is: a riot that is not akin to 9/11. I think alot of people see a double standard in how the Summer 2020 riots were spoken about vs how the capitol riot was spoken about, which causes them to want to down play it.

  41. The GOP official statement on the riot was “normal political discourse.”

  42. Gun advocates should offer real solutions it does us no good to dig in and say the same things over and over.

  43. I optimistically think that he would have been physically removed from power because the Americans who normally protect him would recognize and prevent a coup in progress.

  44. Optimism is an important traits of the American culture.

  45. Do we look like Trump's Ghost of Christmas past to you?

  46. You share your opinions and explanations often in this sub.

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