1. probably because they know it will net them free money from idiots? I mean, if someone told me I could make millions by begging online, I'd make that my full-time job.

  2. Right? How do you think the orange 🍊 menace made his millions?

  3. This is not going to be easy. If Chase can get away with a $75M fine to wash their hands of their complicity in Epstein’s misdeeds, we are fighting some truly ugly forces.


  5. It’s beyond my comprehension, but you are right. A major force in the world of finance helped in creating conditions that allowed for children to be trafficked, for the pleasure of the one percent’s perverted pleasure.

  6. I’ve read a similar take to yours in the past. Sounds like a tightrope at best, a complete world altering disaster at worst. Ugh!

  7. Definitely wait for a wrinkled-ape, but I think they’re required to have some manner of insurance rider against the potentially unlimited losses of a short position.

  8. I recall this question being posed two years ago. Don’t recall the specifics, just that it can’t be swept under the rug. There is a whole system in place to ensure we are made whole. However, there was also discussion that it will bring the financial industry to it’s knees, wiping out our system as it was built. Sounded Armageddon-ish!

  9. Sadly, more of the same. Slap on the wrist, for those paying attention. For the average person not paying attention, Chase is being called to the carpet. It's clear that Chase is guilty of supporting human trafficking, regardless of how small the fine is in comparison to their business.

  10. DTPW says:

    I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the Evergrande fallout to finally FALL OUT!

  11. He should do a remake of Grumpy Old Men

  12. Is he still a thing in 2023? Real question. Haven’t heard him in any real way in a dozen years. Think since he helped Justin Bieber become famous.

  13. No hate towards comic book films, just not my thing. I support expanding the content coming out of Hollywood. Especially as I miss going to AMC Theaters every week to watch them.

  14. My Mom, my cancer treatment, exposing this corrupt system/government, and killing shorts!

  15. Wishing you all your wishes come true. Plus the one i have for you. Be well.

  16. Hello & thank you! I wholeheartedly appreciate the encouragement. Trying to learn more holistic ways of gaining & maintaining weight, no diet/in-take is kind of strict. If you have recommendations, please let me know.

  17. I'd suggest the most important thing is to create a schedule that has you eating more often than you might want to/like to. Like fitness folks, lots of protein and fiber rich veggies/beans and healthy fats (greek yogurts, olive oil, etc.) would make up my base. Every 2-3 hours for a total of six meals per day.

  18. Ha! Isn’t Golden Globes a baseless corrupt group of old men taking their shot with stars and wannabes?

  19. It’s still hard for me to believe that the 🍊menace is a viable candidate. Either folks are all in on torching democracy or simply don’t understand what such a choice will bring.

  20. Can’t stand the new Max. HBO was a quality experience. Max? A toilet 🚽 with 💩content

  21. You were fortunate but if you go to job subs it’s rough out there. I was looking for half a year before I found something as a front end web developer.

  22. You are right. Simply quitting a job and expecting you will get a 20-40% raise and your demands met is not as full proof as those who write such experiences. Also look while employed. Always.

  23. I enjoy the divide of home and office. Then, i live in a major city. So commute isn’t a challenge, space is.

  24. It’s a junkyard app. Not the people, but the ways in-which they try and get you to upgrade to a paid account. Delete!

  25. I like this one. Thanks for the laugh!

  26. Clear that the game is rigged. What will it take to un-rig it and hold people accountable is the big mystery.

  27. I represent x,xxx of those people, I guess.

  28. It’s possible to live without it. Tubi, Pluto and Freevee are all free. Podcasts are free. Tons on YouTube is free.

  29. I'm trying to get our company to do a private theatre rental for our staff $$$

  30. Nothing to see here....Just us making believe we are doing our job. Average Joe doesn't understand enough to know that this is a small fine.

  31. $7M over 5Years is nothing. Everyone has their head in the sand. NOONE is protecting retail. Revolution or Bust!

  32. Agree. They make as little impact as possible, to show they are on top of these things. WE HAVE TO BECOME LOUDER!

  33. Feel that way about bitcoin. Not if, but when. Greatest scam.

  34. I'm all in on AMC, but wondering if anyone else is feeling this way:

  35. Madoff’s kids were the ones that lawyered up and called the FBI…pass it on.

  36. Sadly, one died from cancer and the other hung himself due to the overwhelming burden of being the son of a POS.

  37. Dead Beat Billionaire Dad!

  38. He looks like a man that is aging before our eyes. He's relatively young, yet looks 10 years older. He can do the crime, but he can't turn back the hands of time!

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