1. If even true, Woo is still significantly better of a person than Kass is.

  2. Haven’t seen Coach in SoPa but it was an absolute dominant performance. Sad he didn’t win.

  3. Such a dominating performance by Coach. Can’t believe he didnt win.

  4. Idk, feels like we are back to getting players that want to be social media influencers

  5. Shan is that problematic kindof woke who looks for issues where they don’t exist. The fact she asked Xander about underestimating women of color at final tribal is so out of bounds and distasteful. She’s essentially used survivor to become an “influencer” and it’s pretty gross.

  6. Was this shown on edit? Can’t remember

  7. I remember an interview with Probst saying they were kicking around crazy ideas. One of them being two separate games/seasons at once. My interpretation was the two different games would be happening without the casts knowing about each other, and then the big twist would be the two games would merge.

  8. This would be funny. With all the pre gaming, I’m sure players would know what was going on.

  9. John Rocker but def not a good famous

  10. How close are the camps to commercial / residential areas?

  11. Ha! Everyone always say they would until they are in position. It’s an extremely tough decision, you have a guaranteed spot in final three with a chance to plea your case.

  12. Yeah… helping individuals who put their lives on the line is a terrible cause. 🤡

  13. Call me crazy but I might have Mike Turner at #1. He dominated the game with a known idol that he never had to use.

  14. Sami wasn't allowed to get hammered because Sami has someone "upstairs" that does not let him drink. Under Fijian Law the youngster could have still had his first ever alcoholic beverage (legal age is 18 in Fiji) ........

  15. Wtf is this post? He has to follow American laws over there mandated by CBS so he couldn’t even drink if he wanted to. Nice try making fun of someone’s faith though…

  16. It’s because all three have been underwhelming, and the edit loves big moves and to show how the best player doesn’t win

  17. I thought they actually did a nice job this season of switching things up

  18. She convinced him to give her his idol, and then used it to control the final vote it could be used in.

  19. Lol. What did you watch? Mike willingly promised her the idol earlier in the season. The vote was a foregone conclusion and was a meaningless gesture. He wasn’t saving anyone else and it would have no certainly made her go home.

  20. You are wrong. Marryanne had a great end game but her big move was using her advantage to get Omar out, not what you are talking about.

  21. What if everyone who doesn’t win immunity has to go to fire and the first to make it through?

  22. I think the fire making should be switched to an endurance challenge like the hand on the pole. Fire making has variables that are out of the control of the player. The endurance challenge seems more likely to really decide who wants it more while being even for both players.

  23. No chance. It would be incredibly long.

  24. Throwing stats out the window, Jonathan is the most impressive in my opinion. The agility and swimming prowess for someone this size is incredible. Dude will crush The Challenge.

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