1. DP9A says:

    The helmet has Mail of Hellfire, and I don't think I'm rerolling the faulds because I'm afraid of not getting those slots again. I guess I could make another helmet and faulds and try to see if I get any luck with them.

  2. Potentially you could, but that's an investment of a whole bunch of parts and rolls and armour spheres and zenny. Which is also a substantial investment of time, for potentially very little actual difference to the set.

  3. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'm pretty much doing meta sets for almost every weapon so I think I might get something like that naturally at some point.

  4. DP9A says:

    Check the megathread, there are raw builds on the meta album.

  5. Y'all are pathetic smh. This person posted on

  6. You're on this sub too lol, OP is also perfectly able to see this thread.

  7. Lol. Yea, the only normal people are those who ruin their lives with children. Cuz the Karen moms of this subs aren't insane at all. Sure.

  8. Having this kind of scorn for a supposed friend for daring to not follow your same path is way more Karen like than having kids lol.

  9. I’m familiar with their prior work, but I joked that Bloober took notes from other recent horror games like RE4 which has melee counters and Leon likes to drop the occasional snappy one-liner.

  10. RE4 already was like that.

  11. I have to say, the whole project seems like a resounding "Meh" to me. Don't get me wrong, RoR was/is a great game, but RoR2 could be so much more and it's essentially languishing while they poke away at projects like this.

  12. It's already considered one of the best games of the genre, I think some people would do well to accept that not every game needs to go forever. They already did enough updates for RoR2, and after all this year's on the IP I think it's more than obvious why they want to release a last hurrah and move on.

  13. Use the base game meta album on the megathread.

  14. exactly. I have a friend who's grandmother still lives in her 2 story house alone. Her one daughter keeps trying to convince her to sell because it's an old house and is just bleeding money and she would let her live with her and care for her and everything but the grandmother refuses. Perfectly within her right, of course, but for some, living alone in a giant house that you have to clean and fix and pay tons of money/taxes off is crazy when you can downsize to a little condo or something and use that money for other things. I can't believe these children want her to keep up managing a house she feels she can no longer handle. Yet don't want to do anything to help her out either.

  15. Honestly I get your grandma, I tend to get very attached to the places I've lived. I'd definitely would be the kind of old person who would rather live in their house no matter how bad it is instead of down sizing.

  16. Oh no, I'd better not pay $10 for games that You think are bad.

  17. I mean, if you want go for it but it's not a

  18. Huh, I have a way worse GPU (1050ti, below minimum requirements) and I didn't get such extreme drops after burning the erdtree. Not sure if I'm that surprised tho, seems like the game is still very inconsistent performance wise.

  19. I'm so happy with them going with a mirage style story instead of yet another 80's retread. I also wouldn't mind adapting volume 1 of the mirage comics run, or even a full on new universe, would also be interesting too. And also, obviously happy with a new TMNT game at all, hopefully it's at the very least decent and does a good job introducing wider audiences to how dark TMNT can be.

  20. The megathread pinned in the sub still has the final meta album, and pretty much every build that has been meta in the history of the game lol. Element is not worth it for IG in World, at most you want to have a kinsect for each element in Iceborne for damage in the descending thrust + having your charged insect bug the monster until your buff runs out (and in base world not even that).

  21. I mained ig in iceborn and gave up because the numbers weren’t high enough. Might have to go back and do this

  22. Keep in mind you won't do insane damage, but you can easily end hunted in 10 minutes or less. Specially with Fatalis IG which is insane. Though I do wonder what do you mean with not high enough.

  23. What about stumbling into danger literally every cutscene, needing to be rescued constantly, and overall contributing nothing to the story all the way through the game made you like that character? Because as far as i can tell from 3 playthroughs, those are her literal only traits. Currently being forced to watch all the cutscenes a 3rd time.

  24. The story is basically nothing tho lol. I dislike her but I don't think she's actually a worse character than any of the other cardboard cutouts World tries to convince you are characters by giving them one personality trait and making them talk way too much.

  25. Shes worse than them to me by merit of what she does. All the other characters are actively contributing(in their own way) either by fighting like the A-lister, master, and admiral or by accomplishing research goals.

  26. The handler is the one doing the research part of your quests tho, that why hunters have handlers (iirc they say it in like the first 2 hours, though I understand if you don't remember because those are like the worst introduction in any MH game).

  27. Almost like the show's presentation would have reached more people than 2 spin-off novels most people haven't read.

  28. The show doesn't really show her as heartless and brutal tho, just as someone who does what's necessary and if killing is it then she has no trouble.

  29. Anomaly investigation leveling is a black eye on this game. MH is now a level grind and not a skill based game. Idiotic. We should be able to click the monster and fight it naked if we want and if we are skilled enough to kill it. Another reason 100 levels of anomaly grind… for what?? Let me fight the Mona for the mats. You can fight Alatreon at me level 24 in world for goodness sake. I’m freaking HR 500 and can’t fight a anomaly 220? What a joke

  30. You can fight every monster starting from MR10, you just need someone else to host for Risen monsters. Anomaly doesn't give you any new ones.

  31. You cannot join level 200 investigations if you aren’t at level 200

  32. Anomaly Investigations don't give you any exclusive or new monsters.

  33. I don't think elemental IG is really worth it without QC. You want max affinity and raw boosting skills because it's a mostly raw weapon, and also max element attack and at least one level of Element exploit and Critical Element, and also Master's Touch. I guess you could use Risen Teotra with Rimeguard greaves or something like that, but you would have to make completely different sets for every element and at that point Qurious crafting to have roughly the same one for all of them is easier.

  34. Just make full Risen Valstrax or at least the peices with dragon conversion. Maybe try Rimeguard legs. Then roll 3 furious on the set. It's actually a lot easier to do then it sounds. Just roll one point on per peice, and it's easy. This will be significantly better than anything else you could slap together without qurio crafting. It might take you a hundred rolls per peice, but just sit down do it, and you'll have a fantastic elemental set.

  35. Risen Valstrax is bad for weapons that do mostly raw damage and/or want max affinity, which is the case of Insect Glaive. The only pieces that are good for IG are the arms and legs.

  36. Honestly Charge Blade building for SAED is so easy now it isn't really necessary. Use CSS, Ready Stance, and Air dash on blue scroll to proc Dragon conversion on blue, then stay on red with your standard SAED switch skills (CPP, morphing advance, CES). You just use all Valstrax armor with dragon conversion and dereliction pieces on hands and feet, slot element attack, element exploit, some levels of burst and as many resistance gems as you can (and guard for easy counters). If you don't like dereliction you can use furious rajang hands and feet for furious, try to QC furious into your Valstrax pieces tho and then you can put pretty much whatever in those slots and the blue scroll becomes unnecessary if you have all your resistances maxed.

  37. Omg! Gonna take a break for now. I rushed from 30 MR to 70 to kill valstrax and start making meta builds and still have to grind to 160?

  38. Try to get someone else to host it for you, there are people on discord and on this sub willing to do it (I'd do it but I'm probably too bad and too far away for that to be a good idea lol). You can kill it 2-4 times for the Valstrax risegem and all the other materials are just standard Valstrax ones.

  39. I don't believe it's possible for every skill to appear on every piece. I've tried getting MOH on my Chaotic Helm as well. I had it lined up on another piece, reloaded the game but when I tried it for the helmet it just skips it 🥲

  40. I have a chaotic set with all 3 levels of MoH, it's very possible. In the megathread there's a document explaining how augments work, in short every armor can get every skill, but it's harder to get good skills on R10 armor and you can pretty much only get 1 extra good skill on them.

  41. It sorta works like this (numbers are made up just to illustrate my points):

  42. MoH is a B skill. Iirc another user did the math and concluded that Skills+ isn't any better than normal augmentation and might actually be worse for getting specific skills, I would have to dig to find it tho.

  43. Then they just move and keep doing it, because without actual convictions that means jackshit.

  44. Reddit is so infuriatingly self fucking righteous.

  45. He's literally just explaining what the cop is asking while he searches for the documents, it's not his fault the cop is so clueless he asks for a different document every 10 seconds.

  46. So you're saying cops shouldn't pull people over for not having license plates?

  47. He had license plates, it's not the drivers fault that dumb Americans forget other countries exists, and that shockingly foreign cars don't have American plates.

  48. Pax Americana is more from Reagan which benefitted the world a ton.

  49. Pax Americana as a concept is older than Reagan's presidency. It's just a fancy way to say imperialism, the history of the hegemony is a story of shades of black. And personally, I'd rather not have the US "saving" my country through a bloody dictatorship again.

  50. Funny you say that, considering that pretty much every US administration since the end of World War 2 has indeed trained people to assesinate presidents, stage coups, and kill political opponents. Such an American thing to care more about people being rude about a dead president (who, despite what you think, the actions of his administration has had far reaching consequences to this day), rather than the actions of those same politicians that resulted in death, misery, and worse.

  51. Which half of DMC IV was bad? To be honest, I liked the whole thing, even if the reusing levels/boss was a bit lazy.

  52. I think the second half of the game is hard carried by the combat mechanics being so good, imo all the new enemies are awful and unfun to fight (fuck blitz, and the puppet things with plants all over them that actively punish you for juggling them), the game is padded with the dice game which is not fun at all and very repetitive, there's the maze when you go through the forest as Dante, and the last two missions are a blatant "we ran out of budget". Also, the game doesn't have many bosses, and of those bosses very few are actually really good, most of them are forgettable and a few are downright bad (Agnus window fight sucks). And the best boss in the game is the one you fight once (Credo is such a sick fight). I also dislike how anticlimatic the Savior is as a final boss, it's pretty easy, not very epic, and not very interesting.

  53. Thank you for the thorough breakdown! I recently played through IV myself, so it's quite fresh in my memory.

  54. I think either 3 or 5. They do have their stinkers but overall most bosses are good imo. But I probably would give it to 3 despite the Arkham fight mainly because of how good the Vergil fights are, I still remember the first time I fought Vergil as a final boss and it felt like something straight out of an anime.

  55. No, it's absolutely not good, and will likely lead to problems down the line.

  56. If you know your latinoamerican history it's clear it's not going to get better lol. 9 out of 10 times the government when given that power just becomes more authoritarian until the country collapses one way or the other, and we Latinos are absolutely fucking idiots so we will keep electing people who are the worst possible person for the job.

  57. Impact phials for SAED sucks major ass and imo it's not worth it when an elemental SAED does like 2k of damage. Impact is very good with CSS style, where most of your damage comes from the axe and the extra KOs are very nice (however, artillery is not really worth it, phials run out quite quickly so they will be a small source of damage). The meta CB page is outdated, due to anomaly slots given extra damage Friedé/Désastre gets less raw than other CBs like Scorned Magna, Luna Eostre or even Luscent Narga.

  58. Basically Goldian, Scorned Magna and Lucent Narga can do more than Chaotic Gore? Maybe Mail of Hellfire with Scorned Magna and Dereliction with the others. Guess I can do loadouts for all three of them as well as a few elemental pizza cutters like Rathalos or Kadachi, unless they're outclassed too by other options. Maybe Chaotic could be a good dragon option with Bloodlust?

  59. Elemental for CSS is a lot like elemental Insect Glaive, it's a good damage boost but most of your damage still comes from raw. Chaotic Gore is still a good option and iirc it will outdamage status/raw in relevant matchups. Raw is better for Valstrax, Astalos, and other monsters with bad elemental Hitzones, but if you're too lazy to have a build for every element you can use status/raw CBs for everything, or even Friede/Désastre because it's still a very good weapon and comfy to build for considering it's affinity.

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