1. There is also a solution in the middle- dyed stamped concrete. Much cheaper than pavers and looks definitely better than a concrete slab. Depending on the pattern, cracking can also be hidden well. I have a 40’x50’ garage apron done this way that was totally worth it at less than half the price of the pavers.

  2. Yeah someone else said stamped concrete - I didn't even think of that. Good idea!!

  3. I would say depends on whats most important to you. If cost and ease of maintenance is then concrete is prob the winner. If looks is most important, then pavers would win in my book. I don't think pavers are anymore maintenance than concrete but eventually they may become uneven which may or may not bother you. Stamped concrete is an option too, imitates pavers

  4. Thanks for your reply, I didn't even think of stamped concrete

  5. I dont see a problem here at all. Its a small step, not like you need a ladder to get up it. I know you said get rid of the two steps but did you clarify what you wanted it sloped and flush with the sidewalk?

  6. No and that is my fault...I am just trying to see how weird it is, if I pay him to fix this, or just live with it.

  7. Why would you fix what isn't broken. This is done correctly. You can't just put a drop at the end or a slope at the end. It would have to be a incline the whole length of the walkway from the top to the street. If it does end up being one long ramp what will you do with the side of the yard/grass that abutt the walkway?

  8. Good point...I guess that is why they did the 2 small steps originally...I think the 1 7 inch step will look more normal once I fill in some dirt as others have said

  9. They clog up with the fine dust. The water flushes that away so it keeps cutting. They work well but not super fast.

  10. Ok cool - I guess I can give it a try and get a workout in. Hopefully once done it will blend right in once prime and painted...

  11. Should be very close, you can skim coat to fill any voids and feather any high spots. Also a silicon carbide wheel on an angle grinder will grind cement down but it's very dusty

  12. Yes I read that it is a hazard because of the silica dust...don't want to start buying power tools, so I will try the rub brick. What do you recommend to skim coat voids?

  13. I’ve used both ultra and marquee exterior and found the marquee to be better coverage in a single coat than ultra. It needs to be thinned for spraying but ultra can be run through an airless sprayer as-is. This takes the guess work out of thinning if you don’t have experience doing that. Both have a very nice finish.

  14. I have no experience with sprayers so I am going to brush and roll. Behr told me since Ultra Pure White isn't a one-coat-guaranteed color for Marquee, I can probably just use Behr Ultra.

  15. I mean you could. Just be through with your one coat. I don’t one coat anything just to be sure of longevity. And especially with exterior paint, be sure to follow proper cure times. It sounds silly, but ensuring your paint is cured will definitely affect long term performance

  16. Great thanks. I am not a fan of one coat either, but I am doing this by myself and have limited time. I might even just try Marquee since it's supposed to be better on paper....Thanks for the advice

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