1. Just made 6 bucks in past 1 hr its dead in Saskatoon as well!

  2. Mine picked up dinner shift at 67 in 5 hours instacart at 82

  3. FYI, I am also a courier and these are 11 random items. I did not end up placing this order. This order is just a demonstration of the value of express lane so far. I’m just confused as to how they make money like this.

  4. You don't. If it's available in your area, you are already good to go. It is not something you can opt in or out of.

  5. I’m multiapping and it’s fine 156 in 6 hrs so far will do another 2-3 hit maybe 220

  6. Saskatoon and surprisingly it’s been good today maybe less driver out today yesterday was shite

  7. That's fair. I wonder if it's one cricket per item or if it'd be like 40 bags of crickets haha

  8. Well it’s good for part time I’m pulling 100-150 in 5 hours in Saskatoon Winnipeg must b better.

  9. Well i went home from 1:30-4:55 and slept waiting for an order never been like this and my house is in zone and literally on multiple hotspots. Fuckin Saskatoon and regina suck ass sometimes

  10. lol. Saskatchewan is dead. Small cities don’t have enough stores and only a handful of population and lots of drivers too 😂

  11. Yes but winter was good was making 230-250 in 10 hours it’s dropped to 150-190 still have to hit 200/day

  12. I’ve done about 475 deliveries and have yet to see one and that too in Mississauga

  13. One to drop 10% and 10 orders acceptance gets it up to an increase of 10%

  14. The sister version of this app grubhub in US is way better and let’s you unassign an order which sucks for us maples cuz they just won’t do the same or pay the same.

  15. How are u able to chat I’ve had the chat feature removed from my courier app

  16. I think how it works now is if you are on an active order you can chat. Can't chat at all if you are on shift but not on an order. Can also chat if you are off shift though, but says there will be delays (of hours...)

  17. I was not able to while doing an order. This is strange

  18. Same shit with five guys especially. I’m down around Mississauga and believe it or not when I was in Saskatchewan same shit.

  19. Man i did regina and it’s terrible, Saskatoon was so much better easy $230 plus in 9-10 hrs

  20. What is your current AR? Sometimes it can make you or break you.

  21. I used to be in Saskatoon and did this oart time there and made $200-$230 a day and felt like that was slow and imagined if i did 12-15 hours i could bank 350-500 Thats just impossible and plain stupid. Idk how these YouTubers do it down in the states it must b just great out there.

  22. I had a great first order and personally thought it was a dream they’re showing you to stick around. Then the daily first orders don’t compare and are absolute shet.

  23. Scarborough is not bad ( use to work their in 2019 tho) just too much traffic.

  24. Door dash was actually terrible for me. Did 17 orders had one tip order for 3 bucks. And majority of the orders were less the $1 per km

  25. Doordash is shet in canada when it comes to tips. My doordash AR is 13%. Skip is far far better then doordash in GTA. But still must do multiapp.

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