1. Fellow Texan here, and so is that gourd: Cucurbita texana. It’s native to the state and found only in the wild.

  2. Is it a volunteer plant ? Most likely cross pollinated seed ?

  3. Not to sure, it’s a a refinery I’m working at so I didn’t plant this myself just here in the wilds

  4. If you use pokered disassembly, polishedmap it's good enough.

  5. Does it also customize text script? I’m also looking to translate it into Norwegian.

  6. There are still plenty of exploits that works for this game, just depends how broken you want to make it.

  7. Love bugs 100% and you don’t have to worry, they’re more annoying than anything. They don t bite but they are sure clumsy.

  8. White House 🇺🇸, Anywhere in Norway 🇳🇴 , or Antarctica 🇦🇶

  9. You can't replicate a video game exactly the same in a movie. That's why most of the video game movies fail to impress. In the game (Hitman) you can do a mission in multiple ways but the movie can only show it in one linear fashion. Games are interactive and movies will always be linear entertainment. If you agree it's a good movie then it's a good Hitman movie.

  10. I mean they could’ve gone with “mission stories” or even a silent assassin approach to the films.

  11. I have one as well, just wish I could find the pictures as .jpeg for wallpapers on my cellular device

  12. Dang it I was nervous they were invasive so follow up question I have a second un hatched egg sac I don't want to kill them but I definitely don't want to release them now what should I do

  13. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with being considered an ecological terrorist, I plant state flowers in unusual spots and call the cops on people that pluck them up.

  14. I wasn't aware of this but I do know that on the hantu port sniper map you can shoot open a shipping container at the far end of the map and release him from it

  15. Even including Siberia, you can shoot open a locker in the wardens hall and he will appear to grab the sniper rifle within the locker, you then have to shoot the locks of gates where he proceeds to go to a sniper tower and he will eliminate any target if they become “!”

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