1. So.... Men that don't have testicles anymore are women?

  2. My teacher always hated it when we called it a theory, he said "they have no scientific basis so don’t call it a theory, it’s more like a conspiracy tale than anything“.

  3. Aren’t theory’s not backed up? Since if they did they’d be true

  4. Making art for people to upvote the “judge me by my favorite Pokémon”

  5. I just want more combat options for the main 3 types

  6. I imagine how cool it could be if you could fist fight and kick enemies

  7. I don’t think that’s link, but rolling into enemies makes sense

  8. Most likely Mipha assuming she doesn’t die, as that was the only character that showed obvious romantic affection. Zelda obviously showed love too, but it wasn’t very romantic, and paya is a simp that definitely seems like the most likely. Either way, link oblivious to it all.

  9. Well in that case industrial waste is my favorite cookie

  10. They don’t flip coins on who gets evolutions

  11. Just love the art on this sub! I can see how much effort you put into this and I very much appreciate it.

  12. Maybe if he didn’t stop so I could attack him I’d need a sword. But for now I stick with no ability

  13. Return to dreamland (also the first time my brother played a game with me besides smash bros)

  14. Usually it means later on it’ll be given to another Pokémon, like greninja moving to grappoloct

  15. That’s incredibly cool. Hope they likes it

  16. You’re not always going to use a pseudo on your team so it’s not as bad as. When you almost always use a starter. I do hate how much dragons become dragon flying

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