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  1. 👩👸🧚‍♀️🧠👁❤👗🍑🔞♀️

  2. Isn't this a normal thing in Pokémon games? You can't advance until you say yes

  3. The difference is those dialogue options simply repeat when they say no while nemona has something new like 5 times and it actually builds personality to the character.

  4. I really thought that sub was a troll at first lmao

  5. Sometimes the game removes or adds typings as a glitch. I remember almost losing to akari’s staraptor or because it lost it since lost its flying type

  6. Thats what the move Roost does though. Its a healing move where the trade-off is that the Pokemon is grounded for a turn, nullifying its flying type.

  7. I was thinking that until I realized that staraptors previous turn was it killing my starter, not roosting. This also happened with mamoswine’s ground type.

  8. Sick dude. Plurplecliffe got a shiny lenchonk.

  9. Okay yea, but he still found it. Also found a luvdisc. Hate how there’s no shiny sound.

  10. Not a fan of high jump or balloon. Balloon has potential for a cool ability tho

  11. I don’t know if unleashed was the start of the era. Also what about secret rings and black knight?

  12. I’m glad he didn’t try, because I knew he couldn’t do it.

  13. I miss when wotfi wasn’t implemented into story arcs

  14. Soap is made from fat I believe, so if they donated their fat to soap companies, they might be the biggest donator in the world.

  15. Bowser’s an important character so he should’ve been in the game. It’s the fact that he was always the final boss that got people upset

  16. Yeah, in most games, he is. But when it comes to TTYD and PiT, he genuinely had no reason to be there.

  17. im just saying we shouldn't let the fact someone can solo a final boss determine their power unless it happens in canon.

  18. Bandanna dee has killed them in canon. Magalor, dark crafter, and void

  19. Using magnesis on a metal weapon and pushing it into something along with yourself causes it to move, even if it’s a really big thing, like a stone door in a shrine.

  20. Seen it a million times before. That would be kinda embarrassing.

  21. A british man could shoot better than him

  22. Making new powers ups would be better than upgrading them since most upgrades in katfl are minor buffs in speed and power, which makes the previous ability pretty much useless.

  23. No way you block it with a focking rock

  24. I think you will survive if you do that, even if over-hydrated. But you don't want to do something like 3 gallons in 5 minutes. That could actually just kill you.

  25. With this game you’d probably take 5 gallons in 5 seconds

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