1. My friend Scott who has been loving disc golf lately!

  2. Servo is one of my go to fairways. I got it before the crave but still love the crave. I get more distance out of the crave but the Servo has a very reliable fade at the end

  3. Offense. It brings up eBay sellers and other not mvp/axiom sources. So I was just seeing if people have found reputable 3rd party sellers.

  4. I’ve been happy with my progress. Going from throwing about 250’ on huge hyzers and nose up to averaging 325’ with my 8 and 9 speeds. Still have some awful throws here and there but definitely enjoying it a lot more

  5. Enjoyment from the first 100footer to the latest 400. And all the trees in between.

  6. Right! Furthest throw so far has been just over 350’. Maybe one day i’ll get to 400’ 😬

  7. My buddy Scott cause he loves jumping into ponds looking for discs anyway haha

  8. no game available...why is it IMPOSSIBLE to watch the browns IN OHIO!!!!!!!

  9. Dynamic Discs has 20% off some items. Their bags and their misprint discs. Only prime day deal I’ve seen so far

  10. It takes a lot of practice. Watch videos, film yourself, play with friends that can point out what you did wrong on each drive and have fun. I’m still working on fixing my form but I went from 275 max to 350 max in a few months after a lot of fieldwork days. If you like the underworld, maybe pick up a vandal. It’s a 9 speed but you can grow into it and use it for field work

  11. I was looking into getting a 9 speed disc at some point. Something like a Stål or Firebird. I'll look into the Vandal as well.

  12. The vandal is fairly understable as well, I get a good amount of turn out of it and then it’ll finish back straight. I like my Thunderbird if you’re looking for something not as stable as the firebird too

  13. No A or B List quarterback is coming to Cleveland. If they want that, they will have to play the draft lottery on quarterbacks and we see how that’s went the last 25 years.

  14. If Wilson sees the defense being good enough and all he needs is to get us a few extra wins and scoring drives, he could.. I think some people under estimate that this defense is good. Pitt would have had all field goals yesterday if clowney didn’t throw the shoe and then whatever happened at the very end

  15. True. Those are all other factors I haven’t considered. Well, I guess we’ll see what the Browns can do in the off season or see Baker with a healed shoulder next year. Frustrating season this year to say the least

  16. Bad play caller. Maybe he’d be ok if he was just the game manager.. but who knows really

  17. 3-1 start and only win 4 more games? What is this team.

  18. Cincy won the division so they will be resting their starters.

  19. Bengals are playing for a higher seed. I think unless Burrow is hurt, they play to win

  20. What a dream. At least this will be over quickly with broncos losing

  21. Crazy how the bengals playing the Jets and Jaguars (losing to the jets, barely beating the jags) gets them 1st in the division. Browns play cardinals and patriots and lose both and have no chance. Here’s to next year and having an easier schedule! What a year.

  22. Anxiously awaiting 4:30pm Sunday to see what our game means…

  23. Healthy 80% completion percentage Baker with a new #1 WR confirmed.

  24. I think he was activated off the IR list but idk if that means he’ll get reps

  25. It’s almost like stats are completely against us too. That many close games decided by 1 score, you’d think we’d have a few more wins and instead of so many losses

  26. Honestly it was just a heart breaker. To hold GB to 3 points in the second half and see their 21 mostly off of baker’s turnovers.. that was a winnable game.

  27. Hard to say. But this is a really weird NFL year and almost every team, even the SB contenders, have glaring flaws. Depends on the matchup honestly. If we face a team with a weak run D we could definitely win with the way our defense has been playing

  28. I agree with that. Our defense has been stepping up and if we’re up 7-10 in the 4th, it’s a real possibility of a win

  29. The only problem is, the Packers are 11-3 and 6-0 at home. They're in the driver's seat in the NFC, one game ahead of a cluster of teams at 10-4. Aaron Rodgers will not want to lose home field advantage for the playoffs, and their losses were to the Saints, Chiefs, and Vikings.

  30. I didn’t see the ravens game but was it close or did the ravens come back? And if the Vikings can beat the packers, the browns can too

  31. What’s the game plan? Just show up and hope chubb can get a few big runs? Defense might be ok.. but seriously, what do the browns even do?

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