1. I don’t know, I thought last night was the best episode of the season. Lots of different comedic targets and the fact that everyone was clearly having a good time made for an enjoyable night.

  2. Grew up in SLP, currently in Mtka, spent a lot of time in Edina….

  3. What most American citizens fail to comprehend is the fact that there is and always has been two Americas. These two Americas exist not only according to where you live, but also your financial status. What is seen as a preventative and thereby no cost medication in one state is hundreds of dollars in another state.

  4. Ugh. BSN needs to be bought by a streaming service in my opinion. Apple and Amazon are venturing into live sports. Hopefully ditching the horrible local commercials…the motor cycle law guy, Chris what’s his nuts realty guy, and tsr.

  5. Hopefully someone will run who was not contemplating retirement when google became a thing 😂😂😂

  6. The fact that we still have 2 Dakotas in 2023 is mind boggling. You can combine the two states and even then that would rank 40th for most populous state…

  7. 801 Chophouse. Very large restaurant, easy parking, easy in and out of downtown. If money is not an option it’s either Manny’s or 801 Chophouse.

  8. FFDP you say? I might have a meme or 10 about them 😂

  9. As others have said, the cost of childbirth is a concern, but that total cost is a drop in the bucket regarding child care until kindergarten.

  10. In the burbs, of the last 3 garages that have been built in my neighborhood since the pandemic (all 2 car with different specifications), the prices the home owners quoted to me were between 40-60 grand. I just assume a standard 2 car garage today is now 50 grand (that’s the number my general contractor neighbor also throws around).

  11. When you say up front, what do you mean? Close to the stage or the rail?

  12. Also what did you do for food and water ? Did you eat inbetween? Maybe a light meal? Im just trying to get an idea. I dont want to have to use the restroom while the show is starting lol

  13. Timing for a long day is everything. You don’t want to be miserable and dehydrated, but you also don’t want to have to hold your bladder for 3 hours.

  14. Ok, so the last posted sale of this AP variant was for $175. That sale occurred 2 week post concert in which the demand is exceedingly greater than it was once the market has cooled down, which it has.

  15. Thanks for the detailed response here! Seems like if I wanted to sell, that I should probably keep it at maybe $150 or less

  16. If you are honestly trying to sell, keep your expectations reasonable. There are 1000’s of Metallica posters on eBay with a listed price (or best offer) that are nowhere near what collectors would pay. There are specific Metallica poster selling groups where I see a poster put up for sale and no one even makes an offer.

  17. Bingo. It’s why St. Louis Park water is the most tested water in the state and there are water testing buildings throughout the city.

  18. Really tempted to go buy a bucket of these and have some weekend fun.

  19. 10 mil, 1 mil, 1 mil, 1 mil, 1 bil. Quit 😎

  20. Make sure to give yourself some grace. There are so many variables that go into what you ideally wish to accomplish. Genetics does play a large role, as well as diet, exercise, and sleep. Most people forget about the need to recover through rest. There is a reason why professional athletes sleep 9-12 hours a night and why not getting enough sleep will leave you short of your goals. Wish you motivation and focus.

  21. this being 400 bucks is INSANE to me and yes, i am a huge fan for lots of years. like, how on earth a box set can cost this much?

  22. Don’t look up the cost of the MOP of $400 scares you

  23. i couldn't find it on their website but i looked up what's inside the box and i just cannot believe how sad this is. a few live tracks, interviews, photo albums... i don't even dream about buying it cause there is an huge economical crisis in where i live (Turkey)

  24. It’s not the cost from the band. The sales of the KEA and Ride box sets were sluggish, so they made less of MOP. The box sets are sold out at retail, so you have to find them second hand.

  25. Not on the avenues. Curb to snow bank is at least 2.5 feet. We had a handful of people stuck in the alley yesterday. I did help out by taking care of one end of the alley, but do wonder if they will do any clean-up in the near future.

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