1. Have you found a solution (I know it‘s been 3 years, but I have the same problem)

  2. try and file a feature request at opentabletdrivers

  3. It needs tilix themes as far as I know

  4. And i have a last question that does libhoudini works on fedora ??

  5. Yes it does u probably will need to reset all from the beginning if errors crop up

  6. Yes it does. Just run "snap list" and you will see.

  7. https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-22-04-released/

  8. You definitely should try and recover the data. Boot into live usb and check if it is still present. Upload elsewhere and save the data

  9. Look into the ubuntu yaru theme github repo, they have instructions.. you need to modify the sass files etc and then compile

  10. Jee is tough nut to crack with such pressure.

  11. Thanks a lot! Pull request or file bug

  12. Will get it by tomorrow I guess. :-) Will let you know about the experience.

  13. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  14. It's my work environment by choice.

  15. Protonmail is generally suggested..

  16. Oh my bad, definitely a bad recommendation then..

  17. Go to the website, search the game, save the banner image in your computer, and set it as lutris banner..

  18. Very good support, I'm using the same configuration. Getting ~ 10 hours of battery life using RStudio. of course upgrade the bettery life.

  19. How can i permit you? You are the original source. Of course you have full rights..

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