1. Congratulations- this has been the biggest challenge so far & would be impossible if you didn’t have the highest generators!!

  2. I have 4 max drawers & unless you have energy to tap them completely empty or time skip balls or hour glasses to replenish them as you empty them, they usually work for most tasks.

  3. Got two of them out of the way with 20 min unlimited energy & the hourglass to reboot the level 11 broom closet.

  4. I wouldn't do the lower task. The rewards on that chain are not good enough in my opinion to require wax.

  5. The lower tasks give you blue gift boxes ever so often & those gives energy & time skip boosters which have helped with all the mosaics I’ve needed for the Conservatory.

  6. Store -full pair of gloves-15 gems; bubble -5 gems

  7. That’s 8 piggies merged & that’s a level 4.Congratulations!🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  8. Something is wrong - level 4 is 8 piggies merged. If you didn’t tap on any of them prior to merging, they should give 2400-2600 coins and 50-60 gems. That is what i’ve gotten every time i get a level 4. Contact support, but be sure you ate not confusing level 3 with level 4 because you’ve merged 4 piggies. Good luck!

  9. I am 39 level. I know this game. This is bug! I contact support but nobody answer to me

  10. It may take a day or three for support to answer but they have always gotten back to me. Btw it is 120 gems - i was counting every time i maxed the gems & it was 6 x

  11. 46- with 55,000 to go (75000 total)to 47

  12. I never sell anything that I cannot make again. So I will never ever sell the max level outputs from the three story events since these are now blocked once you have reached the item for which it is intended. For the rest: I use or sell anything that I can redo if there’s a reason to do so: completing a task, get some coins, make space.

  13. I agree. The rule of thumb in this game is as soon as you sell it, you’ll need it. I worked too hard getting those items. Yarn, baby shoes are a prime example. You’ll probably need the makeup brush if we ever get inside the mansion for a dresser, etc!

  14. That’s not a paint box reward - that’s the elusive soap reward box. It really comes in handy when you’re making turpentine & wax.

  15. If you aren’t in to the conservatory yet, be prepared for spending awhile here. It will not pass quickly. Biggest challenge so far!

  16. It’s cyclic on the level 4 pig. I got 2200 coins & at least 50 gems, if you don’t tap any ahead of time. I never got that much with a level 3

  17. Space has become a huge issue. I'm always using the queue hack (I think Metacore calls it your pocket or pouch) to sort through my rewards because I have no room for them on my board or in storage. I wish they made infinite energies stackable like Boulton cards, scissors, and hour glasses. I find I rely on scissors more and more. Metacore needs to address the issue because managing space like we have to now is not fun and it makes me less eager to spend or grind for bonuses.

  18. I wish they would allow scissors to be used on infinite energy balls.

  19. I’m at level 46 and have been on the Conservatory for 3 days when i can spare the time & am only 17% complete. It takes a lot of level 3 mosaics, paint,gloves & empty flower sacks. It is not possible to store all these items. My 48 inventory spaces are always full. The point of the game is to enjoy playing it. My point is to enjoy the process. It can’t be finished without challenging yourself & making hard choices of what to keep & what to sell. Thank you,

  20. Enjoyable event especially for those of us who are waiting for more areas to complete. The chimney bricks and marionette doll were the hardest to get items and could have been better balanced. However, holiday decorations were well done & I was able to finish the event. I do wish we could sell items for more than 1 coin thus 4 stars not 5.

  21. It might be the same type of event, but they may add new decorations to other parts of the grounds to make it challenging for those who have finished- ie growing poinsettias in the conservatory or other seasonal flowers.

  22. You will need everyone of them for the conservatory!

  23. Put items you are not afraid to lose in the 5 extra spaces just to be sure (or make room on your board for them)

  24. Over level 46 - all tasks done. Waiting on Conservatory.

  25. Impressive. I’ve never been diligent enough to maximize blue stars, so I’m only working towards level 42. If I needed space, those stars were first to go!

  26. Me too, but been playing almost 2 years & with special events had space to max out xps.

  27. Even if you tap the lower levels just once or twice, it lowers the output of the new level 4 piggy. It is also cyclic like everything else, but if you merged to the final level without tapping than i would contact support. Frankly, this is the worst change they have made.

  28. Check in your album to see which gives the most reward. Also you get items from the closet in boxes from the dailies, but not garden tools.

  29. Yeah but the barrel parts are so easy to get from the drawers.

  30. My 4 max drawers spit out one level 1 barrel only one cycle per day. It takes forever to get them that way for me. I think they are different for different players.

  31. Forgot about that- you are right, but the event sure moved me along with the decorations and Christmas chain.

  32. Can you buy bricks in the store? They start at 8 gems & increase in cost. I’ve had to do it a couple of times because they are just too rare.

  33. I wish we could use the scissors on the energy orbs. I just don’t have the time & don’t the stress of 20 min straight tapping! It is nice to have the infinity balls & the snowman progression gives a new challenge to the game especially for us who have been playing a long time. Plus it gives you the rarer medal when it done.☃️

  34. How do you count, merge, collect, move with infinity energy?😂

  35. Somewhere between the 3rd & 4th option. I don’t want to delete my game, but upset with developers for take aways. Don’t expect everything for free, but don’t expect rewards ti go backwards either. Have spent enough money to feel i should expect game to be improved not feel that it has been diminished. The level 3 piggies & removal of coins from the popped bubbles are a prime example. What did they hope to accomplish by doing this- just ticked off thousands of players!!!

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